Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Harmony Has Joined The List Of Terrible Soap Mothers

Michael YadaABC Press

The truth about Willow’s baby is slowly emerging on General Hospital, and this puts Wiley in danger. The school teacher has done everything in her power to keep her son safe, but now her mother has stepped in to find her grandson. It’s not like she wants to give him a better home with her. Harmony wants to grab the baby to hand over to his cult leader daddy so that she can keep her place in the Dawn of Day trust. She is certainly not going to be up for mother of the year anytime soon.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, she confronted Willow in her classroom demanding to know where her grandchild is. Willow vehemently denied that he was still alive, which is technically true, but she doesn’t know that just yet. Harmony figured it all out just by the way she was passionately trying to deny it. Not many people know Willow’s relationship to Shiloh’s head follower, and that includes her boyfriend Chase. But next week, SheKnows Soaps tease that he will find out and be very surprised by this piece of information.

Half of Port Charles is rallying around Willow, Brad, and Lucas trying to keep Wiley from Shiloh, but the Dawn of Day leader will stop at nothing to be reunited with his child. Now Harmony is sucked into it. Shiloh was pleased that Harmony discovered that he does have a child out there somewhere, and he isn’t letting his arrest get in the way. He has her to do his dirty work.

In the meantime, Willow is frantic now that her mother is determined to find her baby. Chase assured her that the law is on her side and even Julian told Willow that he took care of the paperwork that would ultimately keep Wiley from his father. It looks like Shiloh and Harmony will be put away for good, which is good news for Wiley. However, things could change in an instant.

Harmony still has a chance to redeem herself. At the end of Thursday’s General Hospital, Shiloh told Harmony that there was something else that she could do to help him. There is no doubt that he has a plan, and his manipulation will continue to work on her.

How far will this go before Brad is forced to tell everyone the truth on the baby swap? All of this protecting Wiley from Shiloh really is for nothing since he really is Michael’s child, not Willow’s nor Shiloh’s. Brad will eventually be the most hated person in Port Charles.

Stay tuned in to General Hospital this summer to see exactly how the truth comes out, and if Harmony will get her hands on Wiley.