Jennifer Aniston: Stay Fit Regimen And Wedding Details

It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston maintains an incredibly fit physique. The bride-to-be has opened up in regards to her fitness regimes and nutritional tactics that have allowed her to keep so lean over the decades that she's been in the spotlight. Aniston shared this information with OK Magazine recently, and what's most surprising is that although the 46-year-old admits she works out regularly each week, she does not partake in hours on end per session of grueling routines.

"I work out almost every day, at least five or six days a week. I do 40 minutes of cardio, either spinning, running or the elliptical."

The Cake actress admitted that the real trick is to doing everything consistently but in moderation, whether in relation to nutrition or exercise. As OK Magazine adds, although Jen does allow herself one cheat day a week when it comes to her diet, the remainder of the time she ingests good proteins and nutrients.

At least the dedication to maintaining a healthful balance over the years means that Aniston doesn't have to subject herself to any pre-wedding severe restrictions, seeing as she's already in the perfect shape for any gown to look amazing on her. Soon-to-be-hubby Justin Theroux certainly mustn't have any complaints.

As for the nuptial plans, Jen and Justin have avoided enlisting the help of a professional wedding planner and instead have requested the assistance of Dimitri Dimitrov, a maitre'd at Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. A source told Grazia Magazine that Jen has spent quite a bit of time at Sunset Tower over the years, which has allowed her and Dimitri to become close friends. The source expanded on the relationship between the two.

"He personally escorts her in and out of a back entrance so she is never hounded by the paparazzi. Jen has put him in charge of the flowers and linens - anything that will make the party flow. Obviously he is running everything by her but she's relying on his expertise -- and, most importantly, the fact he'll be discreet."

The pair have also called upon the hotel's chef, Leo, to prepare the food for the occasion. Emirates 24/7 explains that vendors who will be hired for the event are not to be made aware that they are partaking in the preparation of Aniston and Theroux's wedding until "the very last minute to ensure complete privacy."

Jen has only had remarkable things to share about Dimitri over the years she's known him, and the maitre'd, who is known as "Man of the Tower," apparently keeps up to date on all celebrity information by reading gossip magazines, thereby allowing him to avoid awkward moments between guests if there is a feud brewing or settling.

Jen has spoken highly of Dimitrov, stating in 2011, "He creates this little pocket of safety, a haven where you know you're not getting sold out by the waiter, a patron or the valet guy."

[Feature image via Celebrity Yahoo]