June 6, 2019
Tucker Carlson Blasts Elizabeth Warren After Giving Her Rare Praise On Policy Stance

Fox News prime-time television host Tucker Carlson might have caught his conservative-leaning, loyal viewers by momentary surprise Wednesday night after offering up a rare dose of political praise for Sen. Elizabeth Warren's "economic patriotism."

Carlson heaped a pile of positive remarks on the 2020 Democratic hopeful during his opening monologue in which he pointed out that U.S. politicians concentrate on policies that are out of touch with what everyday working Americans are worried about.

Warren, who has steadily laid out detailed policy plans as part of her presidential campaign, wants to revive economic activity for blue-collar and middle-class Americans. She also advocates for supporting American manufacturers and bolstering apprenticeship programs, which Carlson said make "obvious sense."

Doubling down on his kind words for the senator's economic plans, he said Warren "sounds like Donald Trump at his best."

But his words didn't come as an endorsement for her political aspirations to be the president. Later in the monologue, Carlson slammed Warren as a "race-hustling, gun-grabbing, abortion-extremist."

According to Politico, the Fox News host explained that politicians who typically have American workers' best interest at heart are often the ones who go too far left on social policies -- so far left that many Americans are turned off. He used Warren as an example.

He then accused Republican members of Congress of taking strong libertarian stances in their economic policy while being much looser on social policy, like enforcing drug laws -- both of which do a disservice to Americans, according to the host.

"In Washington, almost nobody speaks for the majority of voters," Carlson said. "You're either a libertarian zealot controlled by the banks, yammering on about entrepreneurship … or worse, you're some decadent, trust-fund socialist."

Switching gears, he made clear to the audience that while he would never vote for a candidate like Warren, the Massachusetts senator is "clearer on economic nationalism" than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

On Tuesday, Warren stated in a post published to Medium that massive, American companies who have major influence over the economy "wave the flag  -  but they have no loyalty or allegiance to America." Clothing manufacturer Levi's is one example of an iconic American company who only operates 2 percent of their factories within the United States.

After pointing out more examples of the same behavior from similar corporations, she charged them all with putting shareholders -- of which she said a third are foreign investors -- over the interest of American workers.

"My Administration will pursue fundamental, structural changes in our government's approach to the economy, finally putting American workers and middle-class prosperity ahead of multinational profits and Wall Street bonuses," she wrote.

According to her Real Clear Politics national polling average, Warren currently sits in third place with 8.2 percent, trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.