Upcoming ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Something Happens To Kim That Shakes Both Drew & Julian

Craig SjodinABC Press

Kim and Drew are currently on their way up to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro on ABC’s General Hospital. Earlier in the week, they were seen in their hotel room before the big trek. Kim was having some emotional moments wondering how she was going to say goodbye to Oscar when they scatter his ashes over the mountain. Something is expected to happen before their trip ends that spells trouble for them.

While there are no details just yet on what will happen, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that next week Drew will be taking care of Kim. This seems to hint that she possibly gets hurt somehow or maybe she has an emotional breakdown after Oscar’s ashes are scattered. There are many rumors and speculation about what happens in the coming days.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dangerous trek to take. So it stands to reason that maybe Kim loses her footing and falls. She may get hurt, and Drew needs to take care of her to get her to safety. However, there is another scenario that is even scarier that viewers are bracing for.

Kim Nero has been an emotional wreck since she lost her only son, Oscar, to cancer a few weeks ago. She feels lonely, isolated, and has no idea what to do now that Oscar is gone. Just as any mother may feel after losing a child, Kim is distraught and can’t seem to get her emotions under control.

This may very well be leading up to Kim feeling like she just can’t cope with her profound loss and decides to end her pain. A strong indication that could be leading toward this scenario is another upcoming General Hospital spoiler. SheKnows Soaps details that Kim does something that will profoundly affect both Drew and Julian. There is no indication as to what she does, but it sure doesn’t sound good.

Julian has been very understanding of Kim’s need to have some space and to have Drew by her side as Oscar’s dad. Drew has been by Kim’s side as they are supporting each other through their grief, but Kim seems to be suddenly overcome with it lately. It has taken over, and she can’t seem to shake it. Will her extreme loss make her do something to herself?

The rumors floating around lately says that she will try to jump off the mountain. That has yet to be confirmed but whatever happens, Drew will be there to take care of her both physically and emotionally. Keep watching General Hospital to see how this story progresses.