Ricky Schroder Assaults LAX Airport Worker

Former Silver Spoons child actor Ricky Schroder allegedly attacked an LAX airport worker on Monday morning.

The actor was attempting to go through security at a busy terminal when the worker says they informed him of the airport’s two bag limit. Schroder insisted that he be allowed to carry all three bags onto the plane.

When the LAX airport worker would not allow Ricky Schroder to pass through security and board the plane, he allegedly threw a fit.

The worker says Ricky then slapped her hand as she reached for his boarding pass.

Following the slap, law enforcement was called to the scene of the alleged crime.

Police did not make an arrest, and no official police report was filed after both parties were interviewed.

Speaking to TMZ, Ricky’s lawyer, Marty Singer, says the LAX airport worker was rude and confrontational with his client. Singer claims that it was the worker who hit Singer in the hand. Marty says Ricky’s phone went flying through the air, as Schroder lunged for his phone the LAX worker screamed “Assault!”

Neither story has been confirmed at this time, but Schroder’s people claim that eye witnesses will collaborate his story.

Following the entire incident, the female worker at LAX spoke out on video about the confrontation, claiming her complete innocence over the situation.

Neither Ricky Schroder or the unnamed LAX worker have filed charges at this time. We will chalk this one up to high tensions in yet another American airport.

Have you ever been treated badly by an airport worker because of an infraction you didn’t realize you were committing?