Mindy McCready Funeral: Singer Laid To Rest In Touching Ceremony

Mindy McCready was laid to rest at a funeral attended by friends and family in Florida on Tuesday.

The touching ceremony was held yesterday morning at Crossroads Baptist Church in the singer’s hometown of Fort Myers. Friends and family members shared memories of McCready and celebrated the positive moments of the singer’s short life.

The Associated Press writes that the service featured McCready’s music playing softly in the background as a lovely portrait of the singer stood nearby. A video screen played a slideshow of images, giving attendees glimpses of the songstress in happier times.

Born Malinda Gayle McCready, the singer was the victim of a tumultuous past and tragically ended her own life on February 17.

Just days after leaving a court-ordered substance abuse treatment facility, the troubled artist died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Mindy McCready’s mother, Gayle Inge, spoke of her daughter’s struggles:

“Our Mindy was so tired. She felt helpless. She was in her darkest moment and she was hurt by so many allegations. She was too emotional to understand.”

McCready suffered from years of substance abuse and legal woes including a custody battle for one of the singer’s two young sons. At the time of her death, the singer was mourning the recent apparent suicide of her longtime boyfriend David Wilson.

Throughout Mindy McCready’s funeral service, her family members recounted personal stories of their beloved daughter and sister. Her stepfather, Michael Inge, conducted the closing prayer and shared a song he’d written for McCready titled “You Are My Special Angel.”

An attendee described yesterday’s service to E! Online as follows:

“They did a good job of celebrating Mindy’s life. The most important thing from the service was that there was a time in Mindy’s life when she was really happy and she had accomplished her dreams.”

Nearly 200 mourners attended Mindy McCready’s funeral yesterday, and an additional service in Nashville is being planned by the music community for next month.