Queen Elizabeth Might Have Subtly Dragged Donald Trump With Her Headwear Choice, Says ‘The Independent’

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

Queen Elizabeth subtly and obliquely threw some shade at Donald Trump during their state dinner on Monday night, The Independent reports. At least, that’s the conclusion being drawn by some online critics.

Whatever Queen Elizabeth thinks of Donald Trump in private, she must maintain a professional rapport publicly. That’s because centuries-old tradition dictates that the monarch not insert themselves into politics, remaining non-partisan. A politicized monarch would likely be met with great cultural unease at best, and a constitutional crisis at worst.

Still, by some accounts, the queen may have taken a dig at the president through her choice of headwear.

Queen Elizabeth has any number of tiaras, or similar headpieces, that she can choose to wear for nearly every occasion. And for Monday night’s state dinner, she wore the Burmese Ruby Tiara.

According to Royal Exhibitions, the Burmese Ruby Tiara dates back to 1973, when gifted rubies from the Burmese people were set into a display resembling a wreath of roses. The number 96 represents the number of diseases which the Burmese people traditionally believe can afflict the human body. What’s more, the ruby is believed to protect the wearer against evil by the Burmese people.

So did Queen Elizabeth choose that particular piece of headwear — out of an untold number of other pieces she could have elected to wear that night — as a subtle dig at President Donald Trump? The only person who can conclusively answer that question is Queen Elizabeth herself, and possibly anyone she might have revealed her motivations to.

But many Twitter users have certainly reached that conclusion.

“I’m pleased to see that the Queen obviously wore one [of] her second- or third-tier crowns to meet with @realDonaldTrump. Her way of trolling,” wrote one user.

Another hoped that Donald Trump would get the message, writing, “Queen just repeatedly mentioning that her tiara is the BURMESE RUBY TIARA in the hope that Trump Googles it on the way home and eventually realises [sic] he’s been owned.”

Now that the formalities are over, Trump will spending most of the rest of his U.K. trip on the links. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Buckingham Palace has arranged for Trump to spend two days of his three-day state visit playing golf with Prince Andrew. The two men have known each other for two decades, having met 20 years ago, when Andrew stopped by Trump’s Mar-a-Lago course for some golfing of his own.