‘The Last Leg’ Host Adam Hills Asks #WhereShouldWeTakeTrump Wax Figure

Chris RatcliffeGetty Images

There are protesters taking to the streets in the United Kingdom, but comedian and host of The Last Leg Adam Hills had another idea to send President Donald Trump a message, and he wants the public’s help. On his May 31 show, Hills announced that Madame Tussaud’s was willing to lend their wax figure of Trump, and he wanted to know where they should take it.

On the show’s official Twitter page, Hills asked fans for their ideas.

“TONIGHT’S POLL! Where should we take Donald Trump’s wax figure next week? Tweet us using #TheLastLeg”

As you can imagine, people responded with a variety of thoughts about where the wax version of Donald Trump should go in the U.K. Over 1,200 people shared their thoughts under the original tweet itself. Metro says that The Last Leg is ready to take the statue on the road, and they are making their list to include the sincere, funny and of course, rude.

While some people suggested a trip to Hadrian’s Wall because he is a fan of such structures (the wall ranges in height from nine feet to 20 feet, with a length of 73 miles), others suggested a trip directly to the Tower of London.

Ted Watson on Twitter said that the Trump wax statue should be taken somewhere “wet and windy” as his hair would be challenged by the weather. Another suggested a trip to the local chip shop and then the pub to meet some real people, while others suggested trips to places with cheeky road names.

Fans continue to answer the call, tagging tweets with the hashtag #WhereShouldWeTakeTrump and they will share their photos on their next show this Friday on Channel 4.

Metro says this isn’t the first time that the Madame Tussaud’s wax statue of Donald Trump has gone on a walkabout. Last year when Trump canceled his official visit to England, the wax statue appeared outside the U.S. Embassy in Battersea, which Trump called “an off location.”

Marsha de Cordova, Labour MP for Battersea who was offended by the dis to her district, says that Trump initially canceled his visit because he’s “scared of peaceful demonstrators opposing his views.” She added that she was glad he wasn’t coming to town and to visit the embassy.

“Trying to dis Battersea clearly indicates he’s never been here and doesn’t know anything about my constituency. We are 15 minutes away from the heart of Britain’s democracy – the Houses of Parliament and Westminster.”

Claire Treacy, from Madame Tussauds, says that they are very proud of their Trump and that the president is welcome to come visit it anytime.