U.K. Demonstrators Project Giant ‘USS John McCain’ Image Onto British Landmark To Protest Donald Trump

Donald Trump entered his second day of a state visit to the United Kingdom on Tuesday and was greeted by ongoing protests that used humor to show displeasure of the U.S. president’s visit. A group of guerrilla protesters projected images onto British landmarks, including one image on London’s Madame Tussaud’s that showed a giant red hat featuring the USS John S. McCain, according to Axios.

Led by Donkeys, a protest group in the U.K., is known for their guerrilla billboard protests against conservative politicians in the country. They took their signature brand of humor combined with anger to create several projections that lit up the London night.

One projection showed the U.K. approval rating for Trump, which currently sits at 21 percent, compared against former President Barack Obama’s approval rating, which was 72 percent. The image showed a smiling Obama next to a scowling Trump projected onto the side of the Tower of London.

“Hi @realDonaldTrump. Just so you know, you’re wildly unpopular here in Britain. SAD! People REALLY don’t like you (though they love @BarackObama). Hope you like seeing your FAILING approval numbers projected onto the Tower of London. #TrumpUKvisit,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Onto Big Ben, the group projected an interview with Boris Johnson, the person who is expected to replace Theresa May as prime minister when she steps down, where the conservative leader criticized Trump.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump, you just endorsed your Brexit buddy @BorisJohnson but he said some VERY NASTY things about you and he doesn’t want you to know. So we projected his words onto Big Ben,” the group announced on their Twitter feed.

Led by Donkey’s also poked fun at the report that the USS John McCain was hidden for Trump’s visit to Japan in order to not upset the U.S. president.

Another projection on the National Gallery shows an image that alternates between the crowd at Obama’s inauguration and Trump’s inauguration, showing the stark contrast between the attendance at the two events.

The group also put up billboards across London with quotes from members of the Republican party criticizing the president and others criticizing U.K. leaders for supporting Trump.

One shows Marco Rubio calling Trump “vulgar.” Another shows Trump’s infamous quote about grabbing women followed by Nigel Farage calling Trump a man with “extraordinary moral courage.”

As The Inquisitr reported previously, Trump has been met by large protests in the country, necessitating at least 10,000 police officers to protect the president from demonstrating crowds.

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