New York Mets Fans Are Mad At Tom Brady For His Recent Trademark Request

Al BelloGetty Images

Tom Brady wants to trademark the nickname “Tom Terrific” for use on trading cards and a clothing line, but fans of the New York Mets are pointing out that the name is already taken.

The New England Patriots quarterback filled out a trademark application for his infrequent nickname, which was brought to light by the Philadelphia legal company Gerben Law Firm LLC. In the report, the firm noted that Brady’s trademark appeared to be an active one in an attempt to make money. Athletes and other celebrities sometimes trademark phrases or nicknames in a more defensive way to prevent others from profiting off of them — that does not appear to be the case with Trump.

“Both applications were filed based on a 1B basis, which means that the company has an intent to use these trademarks,” the report noted.

“That said, for any trademark to register, the trademark must be in use in commerce. This means that the goods listed in the application must actually be sold to consumers… so get ready for your Tom Terrific trading cards and clothing, as they are likely coming to a store near you soon.”

But as many have noted, the nickname Tom Terrific was much more well known with Mets pitching legend Tom Seaver. ESPN commentator Tony Kornheiser seemed particularly peeved at Brady poaching Seavers nickname, getting into a shouting fit on Pardon the Interruption on Friday.

“Get your hands off that nickname, Brady, get out of here!” he said, via the New York Post.

Other Mets fans have joined in on attacking Brady, with some very choice words for the quarterback on social media.

Seaver is no stranger to having his nickname stolen. He was also known during his playing days as The Franchise, a nickname that has been picked up a number of other times, from NBA player Steve Francis to NASCAR driver David Reutimann to fellow ace pitcher Francisco Liriano.

Though Tom Brady is among the highest-paid football players of all time with more than $215 million in total earnings, and though he has a spouse in Gisele Bundchen who is consistently among the top-paid models in the world, the Patriots quarterback has been active in seeking income beyond the football field. He has turned his diet and fitness regimen into a small empire, called The TB12 Method.

As Business Insider noted, Brady has published a book about the method as well as a cookbook, apparel, documentary, and other auxiliary products. The trademark application shows that Brady is targeting apparel as well.