Danielle Fishel, Who Played Topanga On ‘Boy Meets World,’ Glows While Showing Off Her Growing Baby Bump

Danielle Fishel is getting ready to welcome her new little one to the world, and the Boy Meets World actress is showing off her growing baby bump in the meantime.

The 38-year-old actress was glowing as she showed off her baby bump at the Bloom Summit, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday. As The Daily Mail noted, the actress is expecting her first child with husband Jensen Karp later this summer, and she looked radiant in her appearance this weekend.

“The 38-year-old Boy Meets World star ensured all attention was on her bump, as she stunned in a flattering wrap dress,” the report noted. “Danielle’s black and white frock fell to just below her knees and featured cap sleeves.”

Fans have gotten other glimpses of the baby bump in its earlier stages, as Fishel posed with her former castmates at an event in May. People magazine had pictures of her baby bump then, as the other actors playfully cradled their own bellies.

Danielle Fishel gained fame for playing the free-spirited Topanga Lawrence in the 1990s sitcom. Fishel has since moved on to work behind the camera, directing a few episodes of the Disney Channel show Sydney to the Max.

In a recent interview with Hello Giggles, Fishel said that the role was perfect because Topanga was so self-assured and inspirational to her friends. Topanga had been cited as a positive role model for children at a time when ABC’s wholesome TGIF lineup was a television powerhouse.

“She never let the people around her decide that it was okay to be less than the best that they could be. And being that kind of person, and being around that kind of person, is such a comforting feeling because you know you can totally trust them to not lead you astray,” Fishel said. “That was, I think, one of the things that’s still so special, and the reason why people resonate so much with Topanga. She’s the character we all wish we were a little more like and that we all wish was our best friend.”

Fishel also praised the show for not being afraid to tackle difficult topics, like racial discrimination and sexual misconduct.

The show saw a surge of attention in recent years as it continued to show in re-runs, and even led to the creation of a spinoff series — Girl Meets World. Fishel revived her role as Topanga, playing the mother of a young girl who went through many of the same trials that were featured in the original series.

Danielle Fishel’s little one is due to meet the world sometime later next month.

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