Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Victor Stuns Victoria

Cliff LipsonCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Victor stuns Victoria, and for once, it’s in a good way.

Victor (Eric Braeden) and Billy (Jason Thompson) have not had a good history. Victor has never felt that Billy was “the one” for Victoria. Once, he even had her arrested in an attempt to keep them from marrying, but his ploy failed. This time around, Victoria is skipping the whole wedding, but she and Billy are still committing, and she probably doesn’t expect Victor to be happy about her choice. However, Victoria is ready to put the awful past year with J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) behind her and move forward with some happiness of her own.

Y&R head writer Josh Griffith discussed the storyline with Soap Opera Digest recently. The scribe revealed that Victor acts a bit out of character.

“Victor sees that Victoria his happier with Billy then she’s been in a long time. He cares very deeply about his daughter and thinks she deserves some happiness after the ordeal with J.T.” Griffith explained.

The fact that her father is amiable about her reunion with Billy will be a pleasant surprise for Victoria, one that she probably wasn’t expecting from the Mustache, especially given his past behavior.

Unfortunately for Victoria, her happiness on her big day may be short-lived. According to The Inquisitr, some uninvited guests arrive, and they take center stage at Billy and Victoria’s party.

“Everyone is in for quite a shock when some surprise guests crash the party. The mood becomes very tense as the uninvited persons take center stage,” said Griffith.

With so many people returning, it’s anybody’s guess who shows up and crashes. However, it may not even be one of the soon-to-return characters, either. With Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Adam (Mark Grossman) teaming up, the two of them could decide to mess up the big day. It seems highly unlikely that Victoria invited her newly returned-from-the-dead brother, especially since she paid him off to get him to leave Genoa City. Likewise, Billy surely wouldn’t ask his ex to the party, either.

No matter who crashes the wedding, it probably won’t stop the fact that Victoria and Billy plan to move forward together, and see how things work out for them and their children. Throughout the years, they’ve had several attempts that have failed, but it appears as if Billy has changed his ways, and Victoria is ready to trust.