CNN’s Cuomo Calls Trump Supporters ‘Middle Aged Angry White Males’ While Arguing With Random Twitter Users

CNN’s Chris Cuomo used some less-than-charitable words to describe supporters of President Donald Trump, as Newsweek reports. Cuomo’s comments came in the form of a Twitter post, in response to another user saying that Trump would “love” if “the dem goons” tried to impeach. The original commenter closed his thoughts with #BringItOn.

In response, Cuomo retweeted the reply and claimed that while Trump’s base would likely remain solidly behind the president through an impeachment scenario, he wondered how other groups might respond to impeachment proceedings.

“The trump base (mostly middle aged angry white males) are solidly behind him, but what about the burst of younger than boomers voters? Centrists? Independents?” Cuomo asked, before continuing. “Will the process super-motivate the left? Of course this could just come down to doing the job congress must do.”

Data for Progress, a progressive think tank, has published demographic data that does indeed shed some light on the typical makeup of Trump supporters. Their data indicates that the president’s base predominantly includes white evangelicals, white men, white non-college Americans, white individuals over 50, and white Americans living in rural areas.

Citing similar conclusions, exit polling by Edison Research after the 2016 presidential election revealed that white non-Hispanic voters voted for Trump over his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, by a margin of 21 percentage points. According to their research, Trump pulled 58 percent of those voters while Clinton only managed 37 percent.

It is worth noting, however, that Trump’s support among white voters when it comes to exit polling does not, in fact, look particularly different than that of Mitt Romney; a previous Republican candidate for president. Disregarding for a moment the Electoral College breakdown, going purely by the popular vote, both Trump and Romney lost to their opponent.

According to Pew research, in 2016, Clinton maintained an 80-point advantage with black voters, holding 88 percent to Trump’s 8 percent. Women also voted for Clinton over Trump, this time by a margin of 54 percent to 42 percent.

Cuomo’s comments have since drawn the ire of Trump supporters across social media, attracting criticism from high-profile figures as well as ordinary Americans. Cuomo seems to invite a certain amount of social media drama, keeping in mind that his original tweet was in response to what appears to be an ordinary Twitter user. As a media personality, he spends some amount of time responding to seemingly random tweets from regular users.

“Trump lost the popular vote by almost the most votes ever. And too many who claim to Christian like you are on here spreading animus and it works and spreads. So it needs to be exposed and countered,” he wrote on Twitter, in one such instance. That particular remark came in response to a Twitter user going by the name of Troll4Trump, who boasts fewer than 300 followers.