Pregnant Duggar Girls Pose For Group Photo Revealing Their Cute Baby Bumps

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The Duggar girls are expanding their families by leaps and bounds all of a sudden. Jessa Seewald just had her third child, a baby girl, on Sunday, May 26. That leaves four left who will be giving birth later on this year. They all took advantage of being pregnant at the same time to get in on the perfect photo op just a few weeks ago.

Anna Duggar, who is pregnant with her and Josh’s sixth child, posted the snapshot on her Instagram account on Thursday afternoon. The picture was taken on Easter Sunday when the whole family was spending the holiday together. Jessa was obviously still pregnant at that time as she stood alongside Anna, Kendra, Lauren, and Joy-Anna who are all expecting babies.

The five baby bumps range in different sizes, which makes it a fun photo for fans to see. Kendra was the first one after Jessa to announce that she and husband Joseph Duggar were expecting their second baby. However, the group photo doesn’t reveal much of a baby bump on her. The Counting On couple hasn’t mentioned when their due date is or how far along Kendra is in her pregnancy. The announcement that was made in early April may have come when she was barely pregnant.

Anna’s belly is hiding pretty well in the photo, but she has definitely grown since her announcement was made in April. She is due sometime in the fall, which is most likely a month or two before the other girls. Just a few days after the mom-of-five’s baby message, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth came out to say that they were also expecting. Many fans had already guessed that she was and they confirmed that it was true. They are having a November baby.

Then on May 20, Josiah and Lauren Duggar made their special announcement that they were having a rainbow baby, as The Inquisitr reported. After losing their first child last October due to a miscarriage, they were so happy to find out that they were expecting this little bundle of joy. They have not mentioned a due date either, but it could be that Lauren is a little further along than first thought. They may have waited a bit longer to say anything. She appears to be further along than her sister-in-law Kendra in Anna’s photo.

While it may be unusual that five Duggar girls were all pregnant at the same time, that will most likely be the norm when the younger ones start getting married and having kids. These five right now may still be expanding their families at the same time as their younger siblings start theirs.

TLC’s Counting On is returning this fall. The network sure has more than enough to film for the next season, and possibly many more after that.