Khloe Kardashian Posts Pink Cloud Pic On Instagram, What Was She Thinking?

Like with everything she posts, Khloe Kardashian regularly has hordes of her followers commenting on them. Today, there was a post from the reality-star princess that had her followers wondering why she installed a seemingly inconsequential pink cloud picture on her Instagram account.

One idea was quite interesting. One fan guessed, “Is cloud the next baby name?” That could or could not be true as only time will tell.

Meanwhile, another eager commenter called out this Kardashian image in Koko’s favorite pink color as a “unicorn cloud” while more than one enthusiast said the serene scene was made of “cotton candy clouds.”

This Kardashian clan member’s fairly innocuous post has only been up and running on Instagram for a mere two hours as of this writing, yet some 164,000 likes have been added.

This may seem like a high number until you realize that Khloe has garnered 94.2 million followers on the popular social media site. As The Inquisitr reported, her previous post had been commented on by more than 460,000 likes at the three-hour mark as the proud mother showed off her sweet little daughter riding a gigantic flamingo floatie.

Maybe the subject of Khloe’s Instagram offering was not provocative enough. A sarcastic follower said, “Thanks Khloe for this important update.”

Another Khloe fan replied to that questionable mention by calling out the follower and the photo, saying the image is “amazing.”

In fact, it does not seem as if too many of Kardashian’s fans were anything but enthusiastic about the pink cloud post, showing a plethora of heart emojis in all different colors. Angel emojis were also in the mix, as were flames, praying hands, and stars.

Comments came from all over the world, with their words written in everything from Russian to Arabic.

That said, one keen follower took this occasion on Instagram to go so far off topic as to tell Khloe that she should give Lamar “another chance.”

A reply from a like-minded thinker said, “I agree,” adding, “I wish they would try at least one more time.”

Maybe they should but it is for key players and former couple Khloe and Lamar to figure out.

Meanwhile, as if to make a sweeping statement about the lovely cloud photograph and all the comments it elicited, one optimistic Khloe Kardashian follower supplied a great reason for this post to exist. From @maxinegoddard comes this upbeat comment, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” What a nice way to end on a high note.

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