LeBron James’ And Dwyane Wade’s Sons Will Be High School Teammates

Harry How Getty Images

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were both chosen near the top of the NBA Draft in 2003, with James going first to Cleveland and Wade fifth to Miami. In their careers, both of which will almost certainly end up in Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement, James and Wade were teammates for four years with the Miami Heat, winning a pair of championships, as well as briefly with the Cleveland Cavaliers and in multiple competitions on the U.S. national team.

Now, their sons will be teammates as well.

James’ eldest son, Bronny, is moving to Sierra Canyon, a school in Southern California, where he will play on the high school basketball team with Wade’s eldest son, Zaire Wade, who is also transferring to the school. James’ younger son, 11-year-old Bryce, is also switching to the school but is not old enough to play on the high school team.

Bronny James will be in ninth grade next season, while Zaire Wade, who played in Florida last season, will be a senior in high school. Zaire is one of Wade’s two sons from his first marriage prior to his current marriage to actress Gabrielle Union.

Wade, who announced his retirement after the NBA regular season, is 37, three years older than James. While they were in the same draft class, Wade played two years of college, while James came straight to the NBA from high school. Players were allowed to do so at the time, although they’re now required to wait at least one year after their high school graduation before entering the NBA Draft.

Per The Undefeated, if James stays in the league long enough and Bronny emerges as a star, he has a chance to play in the NBA with his son, possibly even as teammates. That hasn’t happened in American professional sports since Ken Griffey, Sr. and Ken Griffey, Jr. played together with the Seattle Mariners in 1990.

“You want to ask me what is the greatest achievement of my life?,” James said in a video in 2018, per USA Today.

“If I’m on the same court as my son in the NBA. That would be number one in my lifetime as an NBA player. I’ve thought about it because my son is about to be 14, and he might be able to get in there a little earlier.”

Bronny James joined Instagram last week and has already amassed over 1 million followers, per the story by ESPN.