Mueller Unresponsive To Trump Attacks Despite Publicly Denying 2 Negative Stories Surrounding The President

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On Tuesday, special counsel Robert Mueller issued a public statement through his spokesperson, Peter Carr. This would be only the second significant public comment Mueller has issued since he was named special counsel in May of 2017. In Tuesday’s statement, as The Inquisitr reported, Mueller denied a bombshell allegation by author Michael Wolff. Wolff had claimed that Mueller had created a “draft indictment” of Donald Trump, but had never acted upon it.

In fact, both times the notoriously tight-lipped Mueller has chosen to issue a public comment — both delivered through Carr — he has done so to deny reporting that would be damaging to Trump. Despite that fact that Trump has repeatedly attacked Mueller personally — alleging that Mueller is “conflicted” at least 31 times on his Twitter account alone, according to the Trump Twitter Archive — the special counsel has never issued a public statement to refute any allegation made by Trump.

Nor has Mueller, though Carr or otherwise, issued any statement refuting claims made by any member if Trump’s legal team. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has referred to Mueller as “un-American” and “oppressive,” as Mediaite recounts.

However, in January of this year — when BuzzFeed reported that Trump had allegedly personally directed his then-lawyer and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, to lie under oath in congressional testimony — Mueller had Carr issue a public denial of that story as well, as The Washington Post reported.

Donald Trump salutes.
Donald Trump has attacked Robert Mueller repeatedly, with no reply from Mueller.Featured image credit: Charly TriballeauGetty Images

Mueller’s denial of the BuzzFeed report was especially curious in light of a memo provided by Cohen to Congress in April, in which Cohen alleges that Trump did, in fact, encourage him to lie in his sworn testimony. The Cohen memo remains available online, via DocumentCloud.

Also in April, an NBC News reporter confronted Mueller outside of a church, asking the special counsel whether Trump would have been indicted under normal circumstances. As The Inquisitr reported, a seemingly flustered Mueller simply replied, “No comment,” before getting into a car and quickly driving away.

In his report, submitted in March and made public in redacted form the following month, Mueller finally addressed one allegation made by Trump. Trump had accused Mueller of carrying out a vendetta against him, one resulting from a dispute over country club membership fees, as CNN reported.

Buried in footnote 529 in Volume 2 of the Mueller report — available online via The New York Times — Mueller offers his own explanation of the 2011 country club incident. Mueller writes that, because the Mueller family resided in Washington D.C., they would not have been able to make “full use” of the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia — to which they held a membership — and would therefore resign. Mueller wrote that he had asked for a partial refund of his membership fee. Trump representatives then allegedly told Mueller that he would be placed on a “waitlist” to receive a refund, but there was no further communication between the two, per Mueller.