Princess Diana Reportedly Banned From All Royal Events After Separating From Prince Charles

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Princess Diana was reportedly banned from all royal events after separating from Prince Charles in 1992, but there was one time where she broke the rule enforced by the palace and insisted she should attend one function, in particular, says a new story published by The Express.

The news outlet reported that royal correspondent Ross Benson noted in his book, Charles The Untold Story, that after the couple’s split, it was assumed that the late princess would not attend a state banquet for President Mario Soares of Portugal at Buckingham Palace.

Since it was a royal decree that kept the Princess of Wales away from the event, reported The Express, only Queen Elizabeth could allow Diana to attend the function by enforcing an order.

Benson claimed that Diana called her former mother-in-law and told her she would be attending the royal function despite the ban. The book noted that Queen Elizabeth could not bring herself to enforce the ban as Benson alleged, “the Queen was frightened of Diana because of the influence that Diana exerted over her sons, William and Harry.”

Diana was a very most popular member of the royal family, and it would have likely been in poor taste for Queen Elizabeth to enforce the ban despite the feelings the royal family may have had at that time toward the Princess of Wales. Instead, Princess Diana attended the event and stood next to her husband, effectively defying the royal clan, reported the news outlet.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles captured the hearts of the world when they announced their engagement in February 1981 after years of speculation as to when Prince Charles would find himself a suitable wife, as he stood to inherit the crown and become the king of England.

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Despite the fact that the couple reportedly only met 13 times prior to announcing their intent to wed, the match seemed to be a good one. Despite a playboy status, the prince needed to find a woman who was able to produce an heir to the throne. The quiet and shy Diana appeared to be the woman that Charles and the royal family were looking for.

The couple seemed happy at the time, but the stress of marrying into the royal family reportedly took its toll on Diana. By the time of the couple’s wedding, she had lost a significant amount of weight and was suffering from a bad case of nerves, reported Andrew Morton in the book Diana: Her True Story.

Although the couple would go on to produce two heirs to the throne, Princes William and Harry, their marriage never seemed to be the idyllic union the world hoped for. In 1992, the couple asked for a separation, and they officially divorced in 1996.