‘Bioshock Infinite’ Due In 30 Days

Bioshock Infinite is due in 30 days. Actually, if you look at the math, it’s really 28 days.

Bioshock Infinite was announced back in 2010 and has seen multiple delays, but after all of the delays and hemming and hawing, the game now has a definite release date. The much-anticipated game from developer Irrational Games is slated for a March 26 release. We can only hope the delays don’t make this game into the next Duke Nukem Forever.

This would be 30 days from now it this wasn’t February, a month of only 28 days.

According to IGN, Bioshock Infinite leaves the city of Rapture behind for the open environments of Columbia. Columbia is a floating city where ex-Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt is charged with protecting and rescuing a mysterious young girl named Elizabeth.

Much about this title should feel familiar to Bioshock veterans. The powers and such have stayed the same, but this time it substitutes the familiar Plasmids (Syringes filled with DNA-altering fluids which imbue you with powers) with Vigors, which are the same thing, and Eve is replaced with Salts. Your powers will include fire, electricity, a murder of rabid crows, and telekinesis.

Bioshock Infinite promises a nice variety of enemies to use your powers and weapons on, and the usual “What is going on?” storyline. Enemies can summon the dead and move faster than a train this time around.

The protagonist this time, Booker DeWitt, is not a silent one. This time around, his helper Elizabeth gives us hints about who he is, and he talks as well.

Are you excited about Bioshock Infinite being released in 28 days?