Former Couple Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Share The Stage In New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Preview

For this year’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, things were done differently and rather than have the entire cast share the stage, each girl filmed individually. However, in a new preview of the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special shared on Twitter, Kailyn Lowry takes the stage with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. In the clip, the couple appear to remain relatively civil as they talk about things including Javi’s girlfriend, Lauren.

Anyone who watches the show knows that Kailyn does not get along with Javi’s new girlfriend, even though she is the mother to Kailyn’s son’s half-brother. However, on Season 9 of Teen Mom 2, Kail refused to talk to Lauren or get to know her, despite Kailyn having a good relationship with the wife of her oldest son’s father. In the preview, however, both Javi and Kailyn open up about the relationship with Lauren and explain why it hasn’t worked out yet.

In the clip, Dr. Drew asked Javi, “Why do you think Kailyn rejected Lauren’s attempts to talk with her?”

Javi admitted that Kail went through his phone and found out that Lauren referred to Kailyn as a bad name. According to Kailyn, Lauren did so “several times in one paragraph.” Kailyn then admitted that she saved her name in Javi’s phone under that word. Interestingly, Javi said Kail doing that was “pretty funny.”

Aside from the drama with Lauren, Kailyn and Javi seemed to be getting along well which is important since they share a son together.

While there may be drama between Kailyn and Lauren, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, there is nothing but love between Kailyn and Vee, the stepmom of Kail’s oldest son. According to the report, the two women embrace on stage at the Teen Mom 2 reunion and Kailyn reveals that she “couldn’t wish for a better stepmother” for her son.

In a previous interview with OK! Magazine, Kailyn talked more about the relationship with Lauren and revealed that, while she gets along with Javi, the same can’t be said for her relationship with his girlfriend.

“As far as Lauren goes, Lauren is not part of my equation. when I think of co-parenting. Lauren is not a factor for me working together productively with Javi for the kids and it’s working out fine.”

Fans can tune in to the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Monday night. On the show, Kailyn and Javi will appear and fans can see what else the two have to say.

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