'90 Day Fiancé': Fernanda Flores Has A New Side Job

Stephanie Barnes

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores were introduced to viewers during Season 6 of TLC 90 Day Fiancé. The couple met in a nightclub in Mexico while Rivera was on vacation with friends. They immediately hit it off and were engaged months later. After being approved for the K-1 visa, Flores moved to Rivera's hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina. The couple married in May 2018, but by January 2019, they announced their separation, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The couple had a significant age difference between them and while Rivera had already established a career of being a successful real estate broker, Flores found herself wanting to spread her wings. It was later revealed that the Mexican woman had dreams of being a model, which required her to move to another state to seek jobs in the industry. Flores is now living in Chicago, Illinois, and has picked up a new side job as a waitress in a fancy restaurant, according to a report from Soap Dirt.

The discovery was made by a fan, during a recent episode of Reality Cray Cray, who claimed Flores was her server at the unnamed Chicago establishment. The went on to say that Flores is working as a "trainee" in the swanky restaurant because she was having trouble with the orders and "accidentally [took] the wrong table."

The fan also revealed that Flores is using her real name in her new workplace. The aspiring model reportedly goes by her birth name, Nancy, while working in the restaurant.

The fan's claims are unconfirmed but if Flores is working, it could mean she has managed to obtain her green card even after her split from Rivera.

When asked why he refuses to show the face of his new girlfriend, Rivera said it was out of respect.

"Out of respect for her, we've chosen not to show her face. Clearly, I'm happy. Wishing you all the best," he wrote in response to fans.

However, some fans aren't buying Rivera's explanation, as they believe the mystery woman is actually Flores.

"I feel like its Fernanda because in another post he put SHES BACK WHERE SHE BELONGS OR something to that effect," one fan commented under Rivera's latest post.

Rivera did not address the speculation.