‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Scott Tries To Help Ava, But She Has One Thing On Her Mind

Michael YadaABC

Viewers cannot wait to see what goes down during the next episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that everybody will get to see the wild aftermath of the Ryan and Ava chaos, and there is no doubt there are wild moments on the way.

Unfortunately, due to the Memorial Day holiday, there is no new episode coming up on Monday, May 27. According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see an encore of the April 2 special anniversary show during that time slot on Monday. The next new episode will air on Tuesday, May 28, and a new sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers reveals some of what’s next for Ava.

The last that viewers saw of Ava and Ryan, he was taunting her as Chase and the PCPD arrested him and started to lead him out of the cabin. Ava grabbed the knife he had brought there and did her best to take him down after all.

Now, ABC shares a sneak peek into the next show and this reveals that Scott will do his best to save Ava from herself. General Hospital spoilers from the clip show that Scott will rush over to the PCPD after hearing about the incident on the police scanner.

Ava will be in the holding room and Scott will clearly be exasperated as he tries to get up to speed on what happened. She will insist that she doesn’t need a lawyer, but he will insist that he won’t let her walk into her arraignment all alone.

As the two begin to talk, General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will say there is only one thing she needs: she wants confirmation that she did away with Ryan. Scott will tell her that he doesn’t know Ryan’s current status, but he makes a reference to him at least being on the operating table.

When Scott asks what happened, Ava will say that justice happened. She’ll add that her only regret is that she didn’t twist the knife after she put it in Ryan’s back, and Scott will plead with her not to say that in court.

Ava will also say that she has nothing to be ashamed of, and she’ll be proud if she was able to finally avenge her daughter. Scott insists that she needs to plead not guilty when she gets in front of the judge, but Ava looks as if she’s determined to reject his advice.

What comes next for Ava and what is Ryan’s fate? General Hospital spoilers have not revealed much in terms of specifics yet. It sounds as if Jordan likely does get her kidney transplant, but it’s not known yet how they manage to make this happen.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest teases that Ava will head down a dangerous path as she tries to gain peace for both herself and for Kiki. She will face scrutiny, but it seems unlikely she’ll end up behind bars for long after her attack on Ryan.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan seems to be out of the picture in the coming days, and Kevin will soon return to seeing some patients. He’ll have a challenging time trying to escape the shadow of all that Ryan did, and he’ll apparently take on some surprising patients down the road.

This Ryan storyline has been a wild ride over the past few months, but is it now finally coming to an end? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s show will reveal a great deal, and viewers are anxious to find out where this all heads next.