Woman In India Plasters Her Car With Cow Dung To Keep It 'Cool'

Anyone who has watched shows like Pimp My Ride or Car Masters: Rust to Riches have undoubtedly come across the crazy ways in which some people modify their cars or make them look cooler. One woman in India, however, has taken car modification to a totally different level, leaving the internet completely shocked.

While most car owners and mechanics would install different equipment to keep their cars from overheating, the woman in question opted to cover hers in cow dung.

Identified as Sejal Shah, the Hyderabad native – who according to India's NDTV is a home-maker –recently made headlines not only in her home country but across the globe, as pictures of her Toyota Corolla Altis covered in cow dung went viral.

Per the article, the woman believes that layering her car with cow dung will allow it to stay cool and, consequently, she won't need to use the air conditioner in the car. Not only that, but Shah also believes that the "modification" will keep the car warmer in winter.

Although the very idea of putting cow dung on one's car is off-putting for most people, Shah not only layered her car with the manure but also made sure to take into account her car's aesthetics. For that purpose, she used red-and-white traditional rangoli designs on the edges.

According to the NDTV article, Shah told the Indian news agency ANI that she went for the so-called "cooling mechanism" because she cares about the environment.
"[The process of applying cow dung] not only keeps my car cool but also helps in preventing pollution. The harmful gases that are released while we use car AC increase the temperatures and contribute to global warming. I drive my car switching off the AC as the cow-dung keeps it cool."
The woman further explained that she got the idea from the rural Indian practice of applying cow dung on the floor and walls of houses to keep the house cool.

As the news spread on social media, people reacted to it in different ways. While some were downright disgusted with the notion, others found it hilarious and made funny memes out of the picture.

"It's not Toyota Corolla – it's Cow-Rolla," one person joked on Twitter. "If stupidity ever had a trademark, this would be it! On a lighter note, how can the car owner be sure it's cow dung & not 'bulls**t'?" another one wrote.

Another Twitter user looked at Shah's action more scientifically and informed her that cow dung is actually a good conductor of heat.