An Apple slate isn’t even delivered and yet some already predict a killer from Google

Steven Hodson - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 9:34 p.m. ET

I realize that hyperbole is a part of the blogging world – especially the tech blogging world but sometimes I think we get too carried away with our own prognostications.

Apple is rumored to be launching a new product that could either be a slate (tablet) computer or it could be a Kindle killing e-reader or it could be the best thing since peanut butter and caviar – or it could be zilch. Fine I can deal with all the hype surrounding the possibility of Apple forever changing yet another aspect of our tech gadget world but it hasn’t been shown to be anything but a rumor.

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However the tech blogosphere isn’t satisfied with just whipping the Apple legions into a lathering drooling mob ready to sacrifice their credit cards and the mere sound of Jobs announcing some new expensive toy. No folks now we have a tech blog ruminating on the possibility of Google coming out with a slate computer and dominating the market.

Strangely enough this type of hopeful prognostication isn’t coming from the usual suspects known for this pageview inducing rumor mongering. No – it is coming from GigOM in a post written by Colin Gibbs:

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Google could move the needle with a rumored no-frills slate that would be available on the cheap — or even free — to users willing to sign up for 2-year data plans. And with its Chrome OS, the company is well-positioned to quickly become a leader in the space.


But Google and its Chrome OS could absolutely own the slate space if the search giant can offer hardware for just a few bucks — but packaged with a lengthy data contract.

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C’mon already – enough this kind of stupid speculation. Besides the fact that there are absolutely no rumors, leaks or other such tidbits to go by Google already has its plate full with trying to take over the netbook market and to usurp the smartphone market. Both of those things alone are enough to keep any hardware oriented company busy as hell let a lone a company that is entering the field for the first time.

Sorry but this is just the kind of crap blogging that gets people calling us nothing but pageview hounds and I believe we are better than that.


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