Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': A Shot Is Fired As Ava Faces Off With Ryan

General Hospital spoilers tease that Friday's episode will be a wild one. Ryan is back and the authorities are scrambling while Ava is prepared to avenge Kiki's death. Viewers got to see the first part of this confrontation play out during Thursday's show, and things will come to a head during the May 24 episode.

Ryan showed up at Ava's cabin with a knife handy, but she was prepared for this. General Hospital fans knew that Maura West would bring it at whatever point she got to play Ava confronting Ryan, and the scenes were intense and powerful.

Ava talked about being happy to see him and how the two of them understand one another well. She said that Ryan freed her by getting rid of Kiki since their mother-daughter relationship had gone so sour. Ava swore that the person she most loved now was him, and she was convincing enough for Ryan to set down the knife he had.

At that moment, Ava raised up her gun. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek at the end of Thursday's episode suggest that she will soon fire the gun, and viewers are rooting for the moment to come. Will she really pull the trigger, and will she take down Ryan?

Margaux and the PCPD are scrambling to find Ryan, with nobody having the scoop that he was on his way to Ava's cabin. Margaux authorized Chase and the team to do whatever was necessary to take down Ryan, and viewers will see during Friday's show whether or not the PCPD can pin down where Ryan and Ava are.

As all of this chaos was playing out, Jordan crashed at General Hospital. Spoilers have been hinting that Ryan might become Jordan's last hope for a kidney, and fans watched as Curtis realized that very same thing. Curtis rushed out of Jordan's room, and soon he'll connect with Laura to discuss this.

General Hospital spoilers share that Curtis will tell Laura that Ryan is the only chance Jordan has, and he'll be desperate to track down the missing man. According to teasers from Soap Central, it sounds as if perhaps Curtis and Laura devise a plan of sorts that she relays to Margaux, but Margaux isn't going to like whatever is suggested.

Where does this all head next? Viewers may want to brace themselves for a cliffhanger on Friday, and then there is no new episode airing on Monday. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps for Tuesday's show reveal that Ava will be biding her time as Curtis stays by his wife's side.

Will Ava be toying with Ryan and trying to buy time until someone else comes to intervene? Will Ryan gain the upper hand, and she'll struggle to stay safe as she hopes for reinforcements?

No matter what goes down during Friday's show, General Hospital spoilers tease that the chaos will continue into the upcoming week. Whether Ryan lives or dies, Ava is finally getting her chance to confront him, and this face-off has been months in the making with fans anxious to see how it would play out.