Shocking Video Footage Shows A Thief Leading Police On A Crazy High Speed Chase While Driving An RV

A convicted thief drove so wildly in an attempt to evade police that her two dogs jumped out of the vehicle and ran.

A motor home sits in front of a mountain.
randmdavidson / Pixabay

A convicted thief drove so wildly in an attempt to evade police that her two dogs jumped out of the vehicle and ran.

A 52-year-old woman named Julie Ann Rainbird of Winnetka, California has been identified as the person who led California police on a crazy high-speed chase on Tuesday that put the lives of many innocent people at risk. This woman is no ordinary criminal. After being caught using a stolen identity to purchase an RV in Downey, California, she led police on a high-speed chase while driving the RV in question. While she frantically attempted to evade law enforcement, the suspect smashed into six different cars, according to the Daily Mail.

On April 30, a Los Angeles woman officially reported that her identity information had been stolen. It had been brought to her attention that her own personal information had been used to buy a motorcycle in Simi Valley, which is about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Police were able to track the purchase made using the stolen information to the Santa Clarita area on Tuesday evening, where the suspect was found in the RV. Upon realizing she’d been discovered, Rainbird took off in the vehicle at around 60 mph. Video footage of the event shows the vehicle with a badly damaged front end erratically making its way down the highway. In addition to the six cars the stolen vehicle collided with, it also hit a palm tree before coming to a stop. Throughout the chase, Rainbird drove so wildly that her two dogs actually jumped out of the broken front window while the vehicle was still in motion and made a run for it.

Rainbird was taken into custody with her bail set at $100,000 for possible evasion, hit-and-run and assault charges. This isn’t her first run-in with the law, having been convicted of identity theft in January of 2015. At the time that the recent high-speed chase took place, she was already wanted by police for two different unspecified warrants.

Further complicating things, Rainbird actually took to Facebook just last year claiming she had been a victim of theft herself. In fact, she blamed two separate individuals of stealing a motor home from her.

“Hey if anyone happens to run into Ryan Michael Cramer (who is a fugitive from the law) and his girlfriend Lindsay Anne Ackley (who is hiding the fugitive), the two of them stole my motor home Saturday in Valencia, California and made up some story to the police and got my husband arrested. So basically they are not just thieves but rats, could you send me their location. I want my RV back so I can have a home for my beautiful girls.”

Police have yet to reveal whether or not this separate incident ties into the suspect’s current charges.