Wendy Williams Dissolves The Foundation She Started With Estranged Husband

TV personality Wendy Williams poses in the VIP Lounge during the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on September 23, 2017 in New York City.
Noam Galai / Getty Images

The foundation that Wendy Williams created with her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, has become a new casualty of their ongoing divorce. According to a statement from the popular talk show host, the charity has been dissolved.

“Wendy Williams has been, and remains, committed to helping others in the struggles of life,” a statement from Wendy’s camp read, as reported by Us Weekly.“While accepting her new reality, many things in her life have changed including the dissolution of The Hunter Foundation. Wendy’s giving spirit will continue through her work with other foundations. Thank you.”

News that Wendy Williams had filed for divorce broke in March, after months of speculation that her marriage was in tatters due to Kevin’s infidelity. His alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth in March — and some have claimed that Kevin is the father. He has not confirmed whether this rumor is true or false. The child was born around the time that Wendy announced that she was living in a sober home as she sought treatment for ongoing struggles with drug addiction.

As Cheat Sheet reports, photos of Kevin and Sharina started surfacing in celebrity news media in 2017, and there are claims that he may have been having this affair for over 10 years. There are also rumors that Kevin purchased a home for Hudson — one that isn’t far from Wendy Williams’ property in New Jersey. It’s also possible that Wendy has met Sharina before, as HollywoodLife has published photos of Sharina attending a party Wendy hosted in 2007.

Wendy and Kevin have been married for over 20 years, and share a 19-year-old son together.

According to Cheat Sheet, Sharina is a massage therapist from New York City. At 33, she’s about 10 years younger than Kevin Hunter — and more than 20 years younger than Wendy, who is 54.

“He put her through school to be a massage therapist. He opened a kiosk for her at a mall in North Carolina where she’s from. He helped her set up a jewelry and clothing line online called VISH. But none of her businesses have been a success,” a source said in an interview with The Daily Mail.

Despite her ongoing divorce, Wendy has revealed that she has started dating again, HollywoodLife reports. She recently told her audience that she went out with two guys in one weekend, so she seems to be having a great time amidst this recent upheaval in her personal life.