‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 3 Sneak Peek Shares New Spoilers About Hannah Brown’s Next Dates

John FleenorABC

Hannah Brown is facing some wild times in Episode 3 of her season. The Bachelorette spoilers for the May 27 show have teased that at least a couple of her suitors will face unscheduled departures, and the sneak peek shared at the end of Monday’s show added some additional clues regarding what’s ahead.

As The Inquisitr detailed, spoiler king Reality Steve has shared a lot of scoops regarding Episode 3. Hannah will once again go out on two group dates and one individual date — sort of — but The Bachelorette spoilers tease that it’s what happens outside of these dates that generates the most chaos.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Episode 2 — as posted on Twitter — provides some hints about what’s ahead for Brown and her remaining suitors. One group date will attempt to clue the men in on some of the pain and trauma women go through, and this is the date that will include Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen.

John Paul Jones apparently gets an opportunity to experience something pretty shocking, and his reaction cracks up others — like Tyler Cameron. Mike Johnson is said to get the group date rose, and the preview suggests that he’s the guy who will get some romantic alone time with Hannah up on a rooftop. There, they’ll share some sultry smooches.

The Bachelorette spoilers have noted that Connor Saeli will get the opportunity to have a one-on-one date with Hannah in Episode 3. Unfortunately, this date will be a bust in some senses, as it seems that Brown won’t be feeling well. However, the sneak peek shows that Hannah and Connor will still share some kisses — and romantic moments — during their time together.

The other group date of Episode 3 involves a photo shoot with animals. Hannah will be dressed to the nines, and the guys will be wearing a variety of ensembles. At one point, Brown will kiss Peter Weber during the shoot — and this sparks issues with Luke Parker.

It isn’t uncommon for an early front-runner to struggle with feelings of jealousy as the lead starts to kiss others, and The Bachelorette spoilers tease that this will be the case with Luke as well. From the looks of things, Parker won’t do a particularly good job of covering up his frustration during the date, and he won’t be able to just let his jealousy roll off his back.

At what appears to be the group date after party, Luke will approach Hannah as she’s talking with another one of her guys. It looks like this may be Devin Harris, and The Bachelorette spoilers hint that Brown may not be all that thrilled with Parker’s interruption.

Luke will say that he needs to get something off of his chest, and Hannah will tell him that it needs to happen later. Brown is heard saying that she needs him to slow his roll, and one of the guys notes that Parker is self-imploding.

While it’s not known for certain that Hannah truly says that Luke specifically needs to slow down, that’s certainly what the editing of the sneak peek insinuates. Brown may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by Parker’s intensity, but The Bachelorette spoilers make it appear that he’ll remain quite confident about his status — perhaps too confident.

At other times during Episode 3, Hannah will get flirty with Tyler Cameron — and she’ll share some intensely hot moments with Peter. Reality Steve’s The Bachelorette spoilers had detailed that some drama would arise with Cam Ayala, and that is confirmed in the preview.

Cam is seen telling the guys that he needs to discuss something with Hannah, and it looks like this all takes place during the tailgate party they have in place of a cocktail party. Cam will get his chance to talk with Hannah, and spoilers indicate that this is about a health issue he’s struggled through.

However, later, at least one of the guys pulls Brown aside to talk about Ayala. It looks as if Mike is one of the men who talks with Hannah — and The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that he’ll tell her that Cam admitted he was going to tell her a sad story to get a pity rose.

Hannah is seen tearing up, and she’ll confront Cam as she says it all feels “really schemy and slimy.” Ayala is shown walking toward the gate at the mansion as the other guys watch.

Interestingly, there don’t appear to be any references incorporated into this sneak peek about Tyler Gwozdz. As The Inquisitr detailed, Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed that there’s a juicy development regarding Tyler coming up in Episode 3, as well.

The Bachelorette spoilers for the season have teased that Hannah Brown will be strong and will take charge, and it looks like that is exactly what she does in Episode 3. Additional teasers about the dates and romantic rendezvous coming up should emerge in the days ahead, and it looks as if the May 27 show will be a wild one.