Sofia Vergara’s Mysterious Illness? The Flu

There were plenty of beautiful actresses at the Academy Awards last night but there was one Colombian actress noticeably missing from the festivities: Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family actress missed the Oscars this year due to an illness.

Vergara was reportedly hospitalized this week due to an illness.

There were conflicting reports about the actress’ health at the time. Some sources reported that Vergara was due for an operation while others said that the she was perfectly fine and healthy.

It turns out that Vergara was just suffering from a bad case of the flu.

Vergara wrote on Twitter:

“Watching the Oscars at home so I dont give everyone the flu haha!”

But the beautiful actress didn’t let the flu stop her from wearing something fancy for the Hollywood party of the year. Vergara wore some leopard print pajamas, a big comfy blanket, and decided to watch the awards show sans makeup.

Here’s a photo of Sofia Vergara at her Oscar watching party.

sofia vergara

Vergara isn’t the only celebrity to get hit with the flu this season. Burt Reynolds was put in the ICU earlier this year after becoming severely dehydrated while fighting the flu.