WWE News: Fans React To WWE’s Newest Championship And Its ‘Ugly’ Belt Design


WWE recently promised that it would be unveiling a brand new title on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, and last night, the company delivered, having WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley formally introduce the 24/7 Championship. Much like the Hardcore Championship that was active about two decades ago, the title can be defended at any time and any place, provided that there’s a referee present to count to three and raise the winner’s hand. Unfortunately, it would seem that many fans aren’t happy about the championship – may it be the concept behind the title or the belt’s unorthodox design.

As explained by Forbes in a report that also compiled fan reactions to the 24/7 Championship, the design of the belt is similar to that of the Hardcore Championship belt that was defended between 1998 and 2002, only without the “mangled looking” appearance. For his part, the outlet’s Brian Mazique alternately described the green belt with a large clock and a “24/7” logo in the center as a “bad championship created in WWE 2K’s Universe mode” and something that might have been inspired by the horror film The Leprechaun and the fashion sense of Public Enemy member and reality television star Flavor Flav.

As for the fan reactions, many of the tweets compiled by Forbes poked fun at the 24/7 Championship belt’s appearance, with one user commenting that the title made the Universal title belt’s design “look bada**.” Multiple Twitter users called the belt “ugly” or similar terms to describe its appearance, while also poking fun at WWE’s decision to use the name “24/7 Championship” for what they feel is a rehashed version of the old Hardcore title.

“Jesus @WWE have you lost your damn minds? What is this crap…not only is this ‘new’ belt hideous but just call it the ‘new’ hardcore title instead of the joke that the ’24/7 champion’ will be. I keep telling myself y’all can’t get any worse and then you prove me wrong,” wrote one of the Twitter users cited by Forbes.

Another user took issue with the 24/7 Championship’s seeming lack of prestige, calling it a “title for jobbers” and further pointing out that the belt was already held by two people — inaugural champion Titus O’Neil and Robert Roode — in less than five minutes from its introduction. (By the end of last night’s Monday Night Raw, a third wrestler — R-Truth — had won the title from Roode.)

Not everyone, however, was completely negative when commenting about WWE’s latest championship. Forbes cited a user who said that the 24/7 Championship, despite the “pretty ugly” title belt that represents it and the “lame” execution of the match to crown the first champion, is a “great idea for the social media age.” This was something the outlet’s Mazique agreed with, as he wrote that WWE could take advantage of this by sharing Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube videos that show the 24/7 Championship changing hands.