Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Josslyn And Kristina Both Head To The Nurses Ball After All

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show tease that there are some emotional moments on the way. The Nurses’ Ball has kicked off and viewers were treated to some fun performances during Monday’s episode. While more performances will air during the May 21 show, it looks like fans will also see both Josslyn and Kristina shake things up by attending the event.

Late in Monday’s episode, Kristina showed up at the Nurses’ Ball. She saw a social media post of Sam with Shiloh at the event and she went a little crazy over it. Krissy tried to call Jason and get him to do something about the situation, but of course, Jason couldn’t tell Kristina the truth about what was happening.

Then, Kristina took matters into her own hands and headed to the Nurses’ Ball herself. She found Sam and Shiloh and told the Dawn of Day leader to get away from her sister. The sneak peek shared at the end of Monday’s episode teased that Krissy will not let this go easily and she’ll talk with others before leaving the event.

Kristina will cross paths with Alexis and Neil, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will voice concerns to her mom and her therapist that Sam is falling under Shiloh’s spell. Not only will Krissy share her thoughts with Shiloh, Alexis, and Neil, but SheKnows Soaps notes that she will confront Sam as well.

While it is expected that Ryan will generate a lot of buzz at the Nurses’ Ball toward the end of the event during Wednesday’s show, right now it’s Shiloh’s presence that is causing the most drama. Maxie has already lashed out at him, Willow is worried about his being there, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny will take a moment during Tuesday’s show to warn him to stay away from Kristina.

In addition, as The Inquisitr has noted, at some point this week Michael will be enraged by Shiloh and physically attack him. As all of this is going on, Jason and Spinelli are putting the final touches into place to try to record Sam’s initiation with Shiloh and take him down.

Viewers also saw toward the end of Monday’s show that Cameron rushed over to where Josslyn was to try to convince her to attend the Nurses’ Ball. Lucy had approached him about doing his performance even without Joss there, and he had told Lucy he was prepared. When Cam got to Joss and asked her to reconsider attending, she said she’d feel like a loser if she went and didn’t sing.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview suggest that Cameron will manage to change Josslyn’s mind about going to the ball. She’ll get reflective as she notes that she’s doing this for Oscar and fans will surely remember the sweet duet the two sang together at the Nurses’ Ball last year.

While everybody will have to tune in to see what happens next, General Hospital spoilers have teased that a very special duet will be happening soon and it seems likely it involves Josslyn. Cameron obviously has a plan, and viewers know that he recorded something special with Oscar shortly before the teen’s death.

Of course, Cameron won’t want to set Josslyn up for a moment of being surprised, overwhelmed, or embarrassed in front of everybody at the Nurses’ Ball. However, given how Oscar and Josslyn had been working on a song to do at the event, and Cam was prepared to perform alongside Joss, it seems likely something special and touching is about to happen involving this teen crew.

How ugly will things get with Shiloh this week? What does Cameron have planned for Josslyn? General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s going to be a wild Nurses’ Ball this year and fans won’t want to miss a minute of what’s on the way.