‘Game Of Thrones’ & 5 Other Series Finales That Upset Fans

The final season of Game of Thrones has reached its conclusion after six episodes that fans found divisive, to say the least. While the series finale continued to leave viewers confused by the rushed and sometimes inexplicable ways the writers have made an effort to tie up the loose ends of the fantasy epic. While it’s a disappointing end to the show, a great series that’s unable to stick the landing is far from an uncommon occurrence. Below are five other examples of popular shows that tarnished their legacies with a disappointing final episode.


While the Showtime series had experienced declining quality in its later seasons, the final episode managed to subvert all expectations by giving the serial killer a conclusion that managed to disappoint everyone who followed the show over eight seasons. With Dexter abandoning his life to become a lumberjack in the woods, fans were given a conclusion that wasn’t particularly logical based on the show’s lore or even a worthwhile twist.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother‘s disappointing conclusion was partly due to the show becoming a victim of its own success. With the finale filmed years in advance in order to avoid any aging-related concerns for Ted’s children, it managed to ignore nine seasons of growth and character development to provide a conclusion that may have been suitable in the earlier seasons. While Ted and Robin ending up together may have been a logical conclusion in the beginning, fans were left disappointed to see character arcs cast aside due to the conclusion being decided years in advance.


For a show that had been bordering on ridiculous for years by the time it had reached its conclusion, Lost’s final episode made no real effort to tie up the countless loose ends it had created. Instead, the show ended up in an alternate timeline with the cast seemingly reuniting in a church, leaving everything up to interpretation. While some enjoyed the finale, Lost seemed to have given itself an impossible task after taking its audience to logical extremes, creating a finale that continued the trend.


One of the most anticipated series finales in recent history, Seinfeld managed to disappoint its loyal fans with an out and out-of-character plot that revolved around the stars being arrested for being bad Samaritans. In what was supposed to have been an opportunity to bring back some popular guests and see Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine get their comeuppance, instead fans were given a muddled and odd story that ignored the humor that made the show so popular in the first place.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos avoided any chance of having a disappointing conclusion by simply not having one at all, instead cutting to black during a scene that could be interpreted as Tony’s final moments, but without any closure. The move confused viewers and while the move does have it’s supporters, there is no denying that most expected a show as well-written as The Sopranos to have a more satisfying conclusion.

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