New Photo Of Kate Middleton Swinging On A Rope Swing Shows The Duchess In A New Light

When fans most often see photos or videos of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, fans see her as the epitome of grace and elegance. She’s typically wearing a designer gown, matching accessories, and pricey jewelry. Her hair is always just right and her makeup is smudge-free. A new photo of the duchess shared by Kensington Palace’s Twitter account shows Kate in a way fans have never seen her before.

She’s all smiles while swinging on a rope swing attached to a tree. In place of her usual fancy attire, she is wearing a simple button down shirt and jeans. In place of her typical high heels, she’s pictured wearing a pair of practical boots and thick socks, according to E! News.

The world isn’t used to seeing this famous figure looking so normal. However, the image seemed to be a hit and quickly drew in thousands of likes. The caption explained that the purpose of the photo is to give fans a bit of a sneak peek of the new garden project the duchess is working on. Kate is taking on the fun new role of co-designing the Royal Horticultural Society Garden.

“We invite you to take a sneak peek at The Duchess of Cambridge’s #RHSChelsea ‘Back to Nature’ Garden! The garden includes a swing seat, hanging below the garden’s centrepiece, a high platform tree house. #ChelseaFlowerShow.”

From what is known about the garden so far, it sounds like a whimsical outdoor dream come true. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the tree house that will provide a sense of solace and an excellent view of the garden. Considering just how hectic Kate’s own life is, she might even find herself spending some time away from everything at the tree house.

The idea for the creation “is inspired by a bird or animal nest and provides a wonderful place to retreat and look out through the trees,” the palace wrote explaining Kate’s vision.

Kate is a mother-of-three and wants her children to have the opportunity to make memories playing outside. She believes that spending time outdoors can provide for outstanding benefits, both inside and outside, Kensington Palace said.

“The garden will build on Her Royal Highness’s passion for the outdoors and the proven benefits that nature has on physical and mental health. The Duchess is a strong advocate for the positive impact that nature and the environment can have on childhood development.”

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