May 17, 2019
Donald Trump, Repeatedly Accused Of Cheating At Golf, Just Posted A Nearly Impossible-To-Believe Golf Score

Donald Trump has long been accused of cheating on the golf course, so it came with quite a bit of skepticism when the President recently posted a score that even Tiger Woods would be hard-pressed to top.

As Golf Digest reported, Trump recently posted a score with the U.S. Golf Association's handicap service claiming that he shot a 68 during a round in April --- which would be three strokes better than Tiger Woods achieved in the opening round of this week's PGA tournament.

As the report noted, the last score that Trump had inputted was in October, when he shot a 96 -- which seems very high for someone with a 1.8 handicap, as Trump claims to have. That would mean that Trump shaved nearly 30 strokes off his score in just a few months.

The score was met with skepticism, even from the normally straightforward Golf Digest.

"It should be pointed out that Trump has posted a 68 before, only to delete it without explanation," the report noted. "Moreover, the president has been accused many times of playing a game not adherent to the rules, along with being a vanity handicap."

The score drew quite a reaction on social media, with many mocking Trump for what appeared to be an obvious lie.

Donald Trump has long faced down rumors that he cheats at golf, with caddies miraculously finding balls that landed deep in the rough in fortuitous positions on the fairway. One recent allegation claimed that Trump would take any measures to gain an edge, even if it meant cheating a child.
As The Inquisitr reported, Trump challenged a member of his golf club who happened to win the club championship. Trump was at a summit with North Korea at the time and could not compete, so he wanted a chance to take on the man, a wealthy investor named Ted Virtue, who had won the tournament.

Virtue was golfing with his son, who was either 10 or 11 at the time, and declined Trump's invitation. But Trump insisted, saying the boy could play with them. When the group approached a hole with a pond around the green, Trump hit his ball into the water while Virtue and his son both hit onto the green. As the report claimed, Trump simply ignored his own errant shot and went to play the young boy's ball instead.

When the boy tried to tell Trump that it was his ball, Trump's caddie interfered.

"No, this is the president's ball; your ball went in the water," the man insisted to the boy, who had just watched Trump hit his ball into the water. "This is the president's ball. I don't know what to tell you."

Donald Trump's name was later listed as the winner of the club's tournament in a plaque at the president's club. Virtue was not mentioned.