Julie Chen Teases Her Return To 'Big Brother' For Season 21

It looks like Julie Chen Moonves is headed back to the Big Brother house. The longtime CBS host, who unexpectedly stepped down from her co-host job on The Talk last fall amid her husband Les Moonves' misconduct scandal, will be back for the 21st season of the summertime reality show. Chen broke her social media hiatus to post a teaser for Big Brother 21, and now fans are already trying to figure out what this season's theme will be.

Julie Chen posted teasers to both her Twitter and Instagram accounts to ask fans if they're ready for summer. The 10-second teaser promises that "Big Bro" will heat up your summer and that the group of strangers living under one roof and being watched 24/7 will result in a #hotmess.

On her Instagram post, Chen also asked fans to post their favorite summertime emojis. Based on those few clues, it sounds like Big Brother could have a social media theme, although last summer's milestone 20th season featured a twist that gave "top trending" houseguests a Power App.

Reaction to Julie Chen's announcement was overwhelmingly positive as some fans called her "Queen" and said they can't wait to see her back on TV. You can see Julie's Big Brother teaser below.

While the post seems to answer the question that Julie Chen will be back for Big Brother 21, it does give a premiere date or any other information about the upcoming season.

Many Big Brother fans wondered if Julie Chen would be back for the show's 21st season. When her husband's scandal broke last September, Julie was wrapping up the 20th season of the CBS reality show. She returned for the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in February as promised, but many fans wondered if Chen would make a clean break from the network that fired her husband.

While Julie Chen put on a brave face and returned to Big Brother after her husband's fall from grace, a source told People that her demeanor on set changed greatly once she was no longer the wife of the CEO of CBS. The insider revealed that Julie had always been "very hands-on" as the host of Big Brother and was always very approachable, but that she changed after Moonves' scandal broke.
"She comes in, does what she has to do, and leaves. She doesn't make small talk; she doesn't talk to the crew. She comes in, does her job, and leaves. It's clear you can't approach her. If she's not on camera, she's either on her phone or she retreats to her room. It's like a different host."
Of course, much more time has passed now so perhaps things will be different when Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 21. Either way, it's hard to imagine Big Brother without Julie Chen, who has been the host of the CBS reality show since 2000, and now fans won't have to.