October 20, 2019
'Survivor: Edge Of Extinction' Spoilers & Speculation: Season 38 Finale Set To Name Winner & Get Fans Buzzing

It's time for the finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, and plenty of spoilers and rumors are swirling about how things will end. Season 38 will wrap Wednesday night -- with a 2-hour finale, followed by a reunion show -- and there's a lot of action on the way.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Survivor spoilers had suggested that the newbies would dominate throughout Season 38. That has turned out to be accurate, but things are not over yet. Wednesday's finale will include a competition among those who have previously been eliminated and it's possible a veteran will make it back into the game.

At this point, five castaways remain, and a sixth will be back in the game soon. The five still in the game include Rick Devens, Gavin Whitson, Julie Rosenberg, Lauren O'Connell, and Victoria Baamonde. Eleven castaways will face off in the upcoming Edge of Extinction battle to join those five in the final battles of the season.

Survivor spoilers shared via the Twitter sneak peek reveal that those EoE contestants will need to navigate through a difficult and exhausting rope maze. Eric Hafemann takes an early lead, and Aurora McCreary, Julia Carter, and Joe Anglim aren't far behind. However, the teaser only shows the action headed into Phase 2 of this competition, and it looks like there's a lot of scrambling remaining before a winner is named.

For some seasons, there are reliable Survivor spoilers regarding the finalists, and solid teasers about which castaway will win. In terms of Season 38, it would seem that there's more speculation than fact-based spoilers available, and it'll be interesting to see if anybody online -- usually claiming to have inside sources -- ends up nailing the finish this time.

Over on the Survivor Sucks forum, via Tapatalk, some are claiming that Gavin, Julie, and Lauren end up being the final three. There has been a fair amount of buzz swirling that a fire-making challenge will be key in how things play out Wednesday night, and the idea of that trio making it to the end doesn't seem entirely impossible.

In general, it seems that many Survivor spoiler fans feel pretty confident in saying that Chris Underwood is the castaway who wins that sixth spot, getting back in the game.

Some early speculation indicated that Rick Devens, Aubry Bracco, and Eric Hafemann might be key players late in the game. Obviously, at this point, that doesn't appear to be how things are falling into place, though Rick is still a contender. The early buzz that Julie would be one to watch may still pan out to be a key spoiler tidbit, and there have been rumors out there that a female ends up winning.

There has been some Reddit talk of Victoria making it to the final Tribal Council, but that doesn't appear to be a particularly popular theory. If Victoria were to make it that far -- and even win -- that would fit with the CBS teases about an unpredictable finish.

Basically, it looks like there are numerous combinations of those final five existing castaways that spoiler fans think make it to the last Tribal Council. Chris may win that sixth spot in the game, but it doesn't look as if many fans think he has much of a chance to be the ultimate Season 38 winner.

The preview for Wednesday's finale teases that it'll be the most unpredictable finish ever. Will that tease live up to the hype? The Season 38 winner will be revealed Wednesday night on CBS, and Survivor spoilers hint that this battle could be a wild one.