‘Survivor’ Spoilers & Rumors: ‘Edge Of Extinction’ Shakes Things Up With Big New Twist & Unexpected Finalists

It’s time for Season 38 of Survivor and spoilers suggest that there are some wild twists and turns on the way. This next battle has been named Edge of Extinction and it will feature some returning veteran players competing with new contestants. There are a lot of rumors swirling about who wins and who lasts a long time and fans will be anxious to see how many, if any, of these tidbits pan out to be true.

Survivor spoilers have detailed that there will be a place called “Island of Extinction” that paves the way to the major twist for the season. As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, eliminated contestants will have the option to head to this island to stay.

Apparently, castaways can stay on this island for as long as they want, but they can also leave whenever they want. In addition, the castaways staying there will be given a couple of opportunities to win their way back into the game again.

Survivor spoilers hint that this twist will have an immense impact on who makes it to the final Tribal Council. Those players still on the extinction island at the time the jury begins will reportedly all become jury members.

Filming took place some time ago and some Survivor spoilers have been bandied about online. Unlike some seasons in the past, there don’t necessarily appear to be any full-validated spoilers about who wins or makes it to the final Tribal Council.

However, there are rumors swirling around online. In fact, it seems that there are some commonly some recurring tidbits that fans will want to keep an eye on as Season 38 progresses.

As detailed in a thread on Reddit, it seems to be commonly believed that Wendy Diaz will leave pre-merge and will actually quit the show. It seems that this may happen while she’s on Extinction Island. There is also speculation that David Wright, one of the four veterans competing, follows a similar path as Wendy or perhaps faces a medical evacuation.

Survivor Sucks has buzzed over some intel that apparently originated on 4Chan but isn’t fully confirmed. Supposedly, production wasn’t all that happy with how Season 38 played out and will go back to the drawing board for the next couple of battles.

Survivor spoilers hint that the new players manage to mostly decimate the returning player contingent quickly and easily. If this is true, it’s not difficult to believe that production would be disappointed in this development.

In addition, spoilers suggest that someone who is eliminated early on spends most of the season on Extinction Island, makes it back into the game at the end, and ends up winning. Again, if this pans out to be true, many viewers will likely be annoyed and it’s not a stretch to think that production will feel as if this twist backfired.

There’s also talk that Aubry Bracco will be one to watch this season. Survivor spoilers signal that Aubry is expected to make it quite far, possibly all the way to the final Tribal Council. There’s speculation that she makes it that far in large part thanks to Eric Hafemann, who may be the one who is on Extinction Island for a long time, returns, and takes Aubry with him to the finale.

While that scenario would seem to point toward Eric perhaps winning, there’s also been talk that a female supposedly wins Season 38. Some kind of blindside or stunning move seems to happen to Kelley Wentworth shortly before the finale and it seems that Julie Rosenberg and Rick Devens may make it far, with Julie coming out ahead of Rick.

Will these Survivor spoilers and rumors pan out to be accurate or completely off-base? Season 38 with the Extinction Island twist debuts on Wednesday, February 20, and it sounds like this one will definitely have viewers buzzing.

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