Heather Locklear Reportedly Back In Rehab After Another Blowout Fight

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A struggling Heather Locklear has checked into rehab following a brief period of sobriety. An insider close to the former Melrose Place star shares with Radar Online that another blowout fight with boyfriend Chris Heisser ultimately landed the actress back in rehab. As fans know, the high school sweethearts have had a tumultuous relationship since they rekindled their romance in 2017. Their latest explosive fight happened at the end of April.

“Heather and Chris got into a screaming match, and after they finally cooled down she realized she’d lost control again and decided she needed to head back to rehab!” a source close to the couple dished.

The past two years have been trouble-filled for Heather to say the least. In February 2018, The Inquisitr shared that the 56-year-old was placed under arrest at her home in Thousand Oaks, California, after another altercation with Heisser. According to the report, it all started when Locklear’s brother entered her home to find Heather and Chris fighting. The Spin City star’s brother immediately called 911 to try and put an end to the spat but when the cops arrived, they noticed a mark on Heather’s boyfriend, causing them to arrest the actress on the spot.

But it didn’t stop there. When the cops went to place the handcuffs on Locklear, she became aggressive and even kicked three police officers who were trying to restrain her. Eventually, police were able to get Heather under control but when she was taken to jail, she was booked with one felony for domestic violence and three misdemeanors for battery against police officers.

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Following this incident, Heather was forced to be held in a psych ward for a short stay. Earlier that year, she was placed in a facility under a mandatory 72-hour stay, which ended up getting extended for 14 days. Later, in June, Heather got into another altercation where she was “extremely intoxicated” and “arguing with friends and family” when police arrived, prompting her to check into rehab shortly after.

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Back in September, People reported that Locklear was “doing well” after checking into a facility to receive help for both substance abuse and mental health. But a source close to Locklear said that this has always been the pattern for the actress. However, this time, everyone is hoping that rehab will really work.

“This is always the way it goes with Heather,” the insider shared. “She goes off the deep end and gets into it with Chris or whoever else is around, and then she realizes she needs to get help! We’re all praying that this time it will work.”