Blake Shelton Says He Drinks Vodka To ‘Emotionally Endure’ ‘The Voice’ In New Video

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Blake Shelton isn’t exactly shy about the fact that he’s not averse to having a drink while hard at work on The Voice. Shortly after confirming that he often has alcohol in his cup while working on the NBC singing show, Shelton took to Instagram on May 14 to share a video of himself pouring out a cup of vodka before both appearing and performing on the Top 8 semifinal results as he revealed he was feeling nervous about what he had to “emotionally endure.”

In the clip shared to his account, Blake told fans that he was putting a “strong one” together before the show because he knew he’d have to say goodbye to at least one from his team during the latest round and would also have to perform his new single during the semifinal episode.

In what appeared to be his trailer backstage at the NBC series, Shelton grabbed his signature black cup and began pouring a generous amount of Smithworks vodka into it. The country star has been a spokesperson for the brand for several years and also had a hand in the production process.

“Hey everybody, so I’m very excited about tonight’s results, I’m a little bit nervous,” the “God Gave Me You” singer told fans in the clip as he got his alcoholic beverage together.

Admitting that he knew it was going to be “tough” to say goodbye to one of his contestants, he poured out the vodka and then grabbed two handfuls of ice before then opening what appeared to be a can of Sprite, which he poured over the top.

The singer – who appears as a coach on the current season alongside Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and John Legend – then told fans that his drink was a “strong one” to get him through his work night on the show as he had to “emotionally endure” finding out who was making it through to the big finale next week.

Shelton then took a big sip of his drink while revealing that he was also pretty nervous about having to perform his new single “God’s Country” live on the May 14 episode, which he described as being a “hard” song to sing.

But despite drinking away the pain of having to lose one of his team, Shelton’s in pretty great shape going into the finale, which is set to commence next Monday.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Shelton has three contestants competing to be crowned Season 16’s winner, with Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, and Andrew Sevener all making it through last night’s show.

The country star’s latest drinking video comes shortly after The Inquisitr reported that he confirmed he drinks alcohol while working in another video shared across his social media accounts late last month. In the clip, Blake told those who don’t approve of his beverage choice to “get over it.”

In the same trailer as his new video, Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend poured out another drink of his Smithworks Vodka while admitting that fans are always asking him what’s in his cup.

“Of course I’m drinking alcohol on the show while I’m working,” Blake said in the backstage clip. “All I do is sit in a chair and celebrate because we’re gonna win.”