Doris Day Will Have No Funeral, No Memorial, And No Grave Marker As Ordered In Her Will

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This week did not start out well for anyone after learning of the death of 97-year-old actress Doris Day on Monday, May 13. She was known for so many things, her incredible talents, and a smile that would light up any room. Those that knew her knew she only liked to be happy and not discuss sad things which is the reason that the “Girl Next Door” will not have a memorial, a funeral, or even a grave marker.

Many people like to go out and visit the gravesites of celebrities to pay their respects and give them thanks for so many different things. There are millions who would do that for Doris Day, but after death, she is not giving them a chance to honor or pay respect to her unless they do it on their own time.

Before she died, Day made it known to those closest to her that she did not want to have a memorial of any kind or even a funeral. Taking things a step further, she also advised her manager and close friend, Bob Bashara, that she didn’t want to be recognized in a cemetery either, as reported by PEOPLE.

“No funeral, no memorial, and no [grave] marker.”

According to Bashara, Day didn’t “like to talk about” the idea of her own funeral or having a memorial to celebrate her life.

Death was simply something that Doris Day didn’t like discussing with anyone and she had no desire to memorialize it after she was gone. Sure, most people see a memorial or funeral as a way of celebrating the life that someone lived, but Day simply didn’t feel as if it was right.

“She didn’t like death, and she couldn’t be with her animals if they had to be put down. She had difficulty accepting death.”

When speaking of the day she may die, Bashara would mention needing to provide for her dogs after she passed away. Day would brush off the conversation and simply tell him to take care of them after she is gone.

“She had several when her will was written, and she wanted to be sure they were taken care of. She didn’t like to talk about the dogs dying.”

Despite making her feelings known, Bashara still isn’t overly sure as to why Doris Day was so against having a funeral, but he believes she was simply “a very shy person.” Her celebrity status never went to her head and she always stayed the person she was despite the game. She knew was loved around the world by her fans, but she never quite understood why that was.

Now, one of the greatest actresses in the world is gone and fans will simply have to pay tribute to her and honor her in their own ways.