2020 Presidential Polls: As Joe Biden Continues To Surge, Potentially Troubling Signs Emerge For Donald Trump

Mario TamaGetty Images

As Joe Biden continues his surge out of the gate in the 2020 Democratic primary, troubling is reportedly brewing for President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election.

The former vice president has been the front-runner for Democrats even before he officially declared for the race, and has solidified his position in the more than two weeks since entering the race. Biden has led in a series of polls both nationwide and in key early states, and appears to be locking down the state that could seal the nomination for him.

As Politico reported, Biden is making significant strides in Florida, which will come two weeks after Super Tuesday on March 17 and could help decide the winner of what is expected to be a drawn-out primary. A win in Florida could seal a win for Biden by forcing other opponents out of the field.

But political experts do not believe a victory is set in stone for Biden.

“In that scenario Florida becomes the state where Biden clinches the nomination or where the anti-Biden candidate can really make a statement,” pollster Fernand Amandi told Politico. “If Biden can win Florida, he becomes the presumptive nominee. Not only is Joe Biden the front-runner in Florida. This is his to lose. Could he still lose it? Yes. But this will be a nomination he loses, not one that’s taken away from him.”

Biden has already been in the lead in states like South Carolina, one of the key early states on the primary schedule.

While Joe Biden is trending upward in the crowded Democratic field, Donald Trump is reportedly showing signs of weakness. As CNN wrote, polls have shown that Trump may face an uphill battle to re-election as he struggles against nearly all of the Democrats at the front of the pack. The cable news network’s polling showed that feelings about Trump are strongly correlated with voting preferences — meaning those who approve of Trump will be voting for him, while those who disapprove of the president are nearly universally planning to vote against him.

Donald Trump’s approval rating has lagged in the upper 30s or low 40s, with disapproval staying above 50 percent. Politico noted that Trump will not be able to win in 2020 if the election is seen as a referendum on his performance, at least not if his approval remains so low. Additionally, it was pointed out that Trump would have to turn some of those in disapproval into voters for him in order to win.