‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Sasha’s Facing Questions From Michael, But She May Resist Being Honest

Rodin EckenrothGetty Images

Viewers will see Michael and Sasha together again during Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that he may nudge her to open up about a secret she is holding, but she may do her best to avoid letting this conversation go too far.

Not long ago, Michael and Sasha both ended up sick at the same time, clearly a result of their juicy intimate hookup. While Michael recovered relatively easily and was never terribly sick, Sasha was briefly admitted as a patient at General Hospital.

During a moment of sick rambling, Sasha muttered something about how she wished Nina was her real mother. Unfortunately for Sasha, Michael overheard that. Since then, viewers haven’t seen anything more of the two together, but that changes with Tuesday’s episode.

The sneak peek for the May 14 episode shows that Michael will tell Sasha her secret is safe with him, and it appears he’s saying this in a fairly lighthearted manner. However, Sasha will look pretty terrified at this moment.

Will Michael bringing up how her secret is safe with him be referencing what he overheard at GH? It seems likely, but General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything more on this front yet.

If that sickly utterance is what Michael is bringing up, Sasha will surely be scrambling to maintain her cover. She really likes him, but this isn’t even a full-fledged relationship yet, and it seems highly unlikely she will feel prepared to let him in on this bombshell of a secret.

General Hospital spoilers have teased that the truth about how Sasha is not Nina’s true daughter will emerge relatively soon, but a specific timeline remains under wraps. As The Inquisitr has previously noted, Michelle Stafford is leaving the role of Nina and over the summer, soap veteran Cynthia Watros will take over. Will viewers see this shocker revealed before the casting change?

If Tuesday’s scenes with Michael and Sasha are about what he overheard at GH, it sounds as if he may be open to hearing what she has to say without immediately judging her. However, it may well be that this secret he mentions is referring to something far less shocking, although as he mentions it, Sasha may brace herself for the worst.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers shared via She Knows Soaps don’t note much about Michael and Sasha coming up over the next couple of weeks. However, there are developments on the way.

Sasha and Michael’s relationship will continue to deepen, much to Nina’s delight. However, General Hospital spoilers detail that Valentin will not be very happy about this. Could this romance between Sasha and Michael actually turn into a lasting relationship, and could that play a role in her wanting to come clean and start fresh in her life in Port Charles?

When and how will Sasha’s secret related to Nina become widely known, and what will it mean for her future in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy moments with this storyline on the way, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all falls into place.