Beth Chapman ‘Did Great’ On Mother’s Day, Says Dog

Teresa KroegerStringer / Getty Images

Beth Chapman has come a long way in her life and everyone knows that she is so much more than merely the wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman. She has had to battle criminals, cancer, and those believing she is dead before her time has even come. As she struggles to battle the horrible disease every single day, she is still living life with her family and that includes having a great Mother’s Day in 2019.

Everyone knows that life is not easy for her right now and it all started back in 2017 when she was initially diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer. Last year, the sad news had been received that the cancer had spread to her lungs and she is now facing an even tougher battle through the rest of her time on this planet.

Through family, friends, fans, and perseverance, Beth Chapman has continued to push through and enjoy her life to the fullest. As reported by The Inquisitr, she is even still taking the time to speak with and inspire others as she did on Mother’s Day in a South Florida church.

Despite all that she has been going through, she’s not going to let her cancer get her down or keep her from being with her family. On Monday afternoon, Duane wanted to let the world know that the family had a great weekend and that Beth “did great” on this year’s Mother’s Day.

It’s really been a long battle for Beth Chapman and it has been harder at some times than others. Back in early April, Duane posted on his official Facebook page that his wife had to be hospitalized due to some fluid that had accumulated in her lungs.

Upon being brought into the hospital, doctors performed an emergency procedure which alleviated the pressure that was building up. As always, the family was incredibly grateful for all the prayers and well wishes that the fans had sent to them during their time of need.

Through their social media accounts, both Duane and Beth have kept everyone updated on her battle and how things are going with her health. For many fans, it is almost as if watching a family member or loved one go through all this turmoil and battle this horrible disease.

Beth Chapman is not relying on chemotherapy to treat her cancer at this time as the last time, she had an incredibly bad experience with the drugs. She is relying on other measures and her faith to get her through this test, and she’s still feeling blessed to have her husband Duane by her side. By the looks of his Instagram, it is obvious that they’re still able to smile and enjoy time together just as they did on Mother’s Day.