CBS All Access To Release Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ In Black-And-White


Jordan Peele has truly become one of the fantastic names in horror and chills, but can he take it a step further into the future? Into…The Twilight Zone? His new version of the classic horror TV series made its debut on April 1, and it has brought about rave reviews and even already been renewed for a second season. Now, the first season is going to get an extra touch of terror as the episodes will be released in black-and-white.

It took less than a month for CBS All Access to renew executive producer Jordan Peele’s version of The Twilight Zone for a second season. As reported by Variety, the series has done nothing but bring in a ton of viewers to the streaming service and it should be no surprise that CBS wants that to continue.

The first episode premiered on April 1, and it drove the highest level of unique viewers ever on a premiere day for CBS All Access original series. It has already been determined that the series will compete in the drama categories for the Emmys as it is truly believed that it’s strong enough to be in contention.

On Saturday, Peele took things to another level for The Twilight Zone and announced a treat for old-school fans. Season 1 is going to be re-released but don’t expect any major changes to the content of the episodes. No, they will remain the same, but they are all going to be in black-and-white.

On May 30, CBS All Access is going to launch the first season with absolutely no color to be found other than how the original series was presented. The streaming service isn’t necessarily thinking this will bring in a whole new audience, but it will bring about a lot of repeat viewings.

To add onto that, this is going to capture the attention of those who are already looking forward to the second season. Not only will it have some purists thinking again about rejecting the series and it will surely bring back the fans for more.

This is also a big thing for streaming services as they have the ability to make changes to existing shows as they see fit. Changing the episodes to black-and-white will take very little doing, and it will make old-school fans of the series very thrilled.

The logo for the 2019 version of "The Twilight Zone."
Featured image credit: CBS

Before the new version of The Twilight Zone was released on CBS All Access, the producers and creators contemplated having it in black-and-white from the start. They ended up deciding against that, though, because they didn’t want to be seen as straight-up copycats. Now, Jordan Peele and company are giving fans the best of both worlds with what has been an excellent reboot of the series.