Halle Berry Shares Rare Photo Of Her Two Kids On Mother’s Day

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Fans who regularly tune in to Halle Berry’s Instagram page will have noticed that she very rarely posts photos of her two children.

The gorgeous actress shares a 11-year-old daughter, Nahla Ariela, with French-Canadian actor and model Gabriel Aubry, whom she dated between 2005 and 2010. The Catwoman star also has a 5-year-old son, Maceo Robert, with ex-husband Oliver Martinez, whom she divorced in 2017 after three years of marriage.

While Halle deeply loves her children, the Hollywood A-lister seldom shares photos of Nahla and Maceo on her social media account. That is because the actress is adamant on safeguarding the privacy of her children.

“I’ve fought really hard to protect their privacy, and I just want them to have their life and have it be theirs,” Halle explained earlier this month during a public appearance on NBC’s Today Show.

From time to time, the actress finds ways to include her beautiful children in her posts by either sharing cropped photos that don’t show her kids’ faces, or by dropping sweet candid photos in which Nahla and Maceo typically have their backs turned to the camera.

“I just don’t want to plaster them all over the internet. That just doesn’t feel right for me.”

However, Halle absolutely loves Mother’s Day, as she recently told Entertainment Tonight. In an interview with the media outlet, the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum actress confessed that Mother’s Day was “the only holiday I really care about.”

“It’s the only day where we get to have our kids tell us and show us how much they love us, because most of the year it’s a pretty thankless job.”

As such, Halle saw fit to mark this special day, one very near and dear to her heart, by sharing a rare photo of herself and her two kids. Earlier today, the proud mother took to Instagram to post an adorable snapshot in which she and her little ones are enjoying a boat ride across the clear blue water.

In keeping with her rule about not showing her kids’ faces on social media, the trio were photographed with their backs turned to the camera. Leaning over the edge of the motor boat, Halle and her children seemed completely entranced with the scenery as they looked into the distance, admiring the frothy waves.

For their beautiful family photo, Halle cut a casual figure in a black tunic, decorated with white detailing. The 52-year-old stunner pulled back her highlighted tresses into a low ponytail and spread some serious vacation vibes by wearing a flower garland around her neck.

Clad in a Hawaiian shirt, little Maceo was right by his mother’s side. Posing from a semi-profile, Maceo looked absorbed by the sights, while his loving mother doted on him, resting her hand upon his shoulder as if to keep him safe.

Meanwhile, Nahla sat on the opposite side of her mother, looking down at the crystal-clear water. Dressed in a bubblegum pink T-shirt, Halle’s daughter took a cue from her gorgeous mother and tied her long hair in a ponytail, keeping it tight with a vibrant pink scrunchie.

As expected, Halle’s fans were thrilled by the unexpected chance to see the happy family all together in the rare photo. Her Instagram followers rewarded the pic with more than 40,000 likes and immediately took to the comments section to wish Halle a happy Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day to such inspirational & warrior momma,” wrote one person, adding a few laudatory emojis at the end of their message.

“I love how you do your best to protect them from the public eye… you’re amazing!! Happy Mother’s Day Halle,” penned another Instagram user, ending their comment with an assortment of flattering emojis.

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