Former WCW Superstar, Lucha Libre Legend Dies After Collapsing In The Ring During A Match


It is a sad day for wrestling fans around the world as a true legend in the world of Lucha Libre and professional wrestling is no longer with us. César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón, who is best known by his ring name of Silver King, passed away on Saturday at the age of 51. He was in the middle of a match with Juventud Guerrera in London when he suffered a serious medical issue and later died.

According to Mirror, Silver King was in a match at the Roundhouse venue in east London when the tragic situation happened. His exact cause of death is not yet known, but it was a scary situation for all of those in attendance.

The event taking place was called The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre, and it was being put on by the promotion called Lucha Libre World. King delivered a flying clothesline to Juventud Guerrera and went for a cover and pinfall. Guerrera kicked out and this is where things began to get a little strange.

From this point on, Silver King appeared to be struggling to move around and he was then kicked by Juventud who went for the cover, but King was on his stomach. King was unresponsive and was rolled over by Juventud as the referee counted slowly to three as that was obviously not the scheduled ending of the match, but it ended up being the finish.

Medics and trainers jumped in and CPR was administered in the ring. From that moment on, the rest of the card for the event was cancelled.

Silver King has long been a legend in the Mexican wrestling world and Lucha Libre promotions all over the place. Fans may remember him best from his time in WCW upon joining the promotion in 1997 and staying with them until late 2000.

During his time with WCW, Silver King was usually involved in six-man matches or in the cruiserweight division. He also joined the Latino World Order once created by Eddie Guerrero, but never really jumped out of the mid-card division.

Different wrestling personalities began posting tributes as soon as the news of Silver King’s death started making the social media rounds.

Silver King had wrestled around the entire world, but he had taken on a lighter schedule in recent years due to his age and wanting to be more of a promoter. At different times, he was actually a part of WCW, AAA, UWA, All Japan Pro Wrestling, CMLL, and numerous other promotions. The world has truly lost a wrestling legend and it is hard to believe that César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón is gone at the young age of 51.