WWE Rumors: WWE Is Purposely Humiliating A Tag Team To Devalue Them After Their Contracts Expire

It has been no big secret over the last six months that The Revival is not overly happy with their position in WWE. Eventually, they went on to become the Raw Tag Team Champions in a short run, but lately, things have taken a very different turn. With rumors floating around that they don't plan on re-signing once their contracts expire, it appears as if WWE is purposely trying to humiliate and devalue them.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have made numerous comments on social media that hint at their unhappiness with the company. In an effort to keep them in WWE, though, the company offered them each five-year contracts worth $500,000 a year to re-sign but they rejected the deals.

Due to them turning the deals down, rumors are starting to fly around that WWE is trying to completely humiliate the tag team in an effort to devalue them. The Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Cageside Seats, is reporting that WWE is actually hoping to devalue the team so much that no one will want to sign them.

That is the reason that Dawson and Wilder were "caught" shaving each other's backs in the shower on a recent episode of Raw.

The Revival caught in an embarrassing situation on

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer is reporting that it may only get worse from here as WWE is trying to completely bury them.

"So, The Revival stuff, that story's true. They were offered a five year deal for $500,000 a year, they did not accept the deal, and that is why you saw what you saw on the show tonight.

It's trying to make this reference like they're these two gay guys. That's the reference - they can't say that, but that's the thing they want you to think, and then Dawson comes out that we're real men and all that, so that was like the idea... I think that was the idea of the segment to begin with... to kill them."

After The Revival turned down the new offers presented to them, WWE actually added two months onto Dash Wilder's current contract. This was done due to the time he missed last year with a broken jaw and it is similar to what happened with Luke Harper as reported by The Inquisitr.

The rejection of those new deals also has many in WWE believing that Dawson and Wilder are planning on signing with All Elite Wrestling once their contracts expire. In an effort to keep them out of their radar, WWE simply believes embarrassing will hurt them overall.

Dawson and Wilder are taking this humiliation on the chin and rolling with it as they continue to be as professional as possible.

Daily DDT is calling the humiliation of The Revival by WWE unethical, and it pretty much is exactly that if that's truly what is happening. It's always hard to say what is going on in professional wrestling as a storyline could be the truth or simply working the fans into believing something. Either way, it's not a very good look right now and things may only get uglier from this point on.