Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Reportedly Might Come With Impressive 64-Megapixel Rear Camera

Following the announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 earlier this year, the South Korean tech giant’s next big reveal will be the Galaxy Note 10, the company’s next flagship phablet. With Samsung recently introducing two new camera sensors, including an unprecedented 64-megapixel unit, new reports suggest that the Note 10 — or next year’s expected Galaxy S11 — might end up as the first device to come with such a feature.

In a press release published on Thursday, Samsung announced two new pixel image sensors — the 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 and the 48-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GM2 — both of which became the latest additions to Samsung’s 0.8-micrometer image sensor lineup. These sensors were described by Samsung Electronics executive vice president of sensor business Yongin Park as capable of introducing a “new level of photography to today’s sleekest mobile devices,” with the 64-megapixel unit referred to by the company as having the highest resolution in the entire industry.

Although nothing was mentioned about any specific devices that may feature the sensors, SamMobile speculated that there’s a “good chance” the 64-megapixel sensor could appear on the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 based on Samsung’s confirmation that mass production on the sensors will likely start in the second half of the year. This prediction was echoed by BGR, which wrote that there’s “definitely a chance” that the Note 10 will be the first-ever device to come with a 64-megapixel rear camera.

Separately, TechRadar wrote that the feature might be included instead on next year’s Galaxy S11 flagship, given that the Note 10 is expected to arrive “in the next few months.”

“It seems unlikely that Samsung would be announcing the new sensor so close to launch, so if it were to be in a flagship phone, February 2020 (when the S11 is likely to land) makes more sense,” the outlet wrote.

At the moment, the Honor View 20 and Xiaomi Mi 9 are the phones with the highest-resolution rear cameras in the market, with both devices sporting 48-megapixel rear shooters. But regardless whether the new 64-megapixel sensor debuts on the Galaxy Note 10 this year or the Galaxy S11 next year, TechRadar pointed out that its inclusion would represent a “large step up” compared to devices like the Galaxy S10, which only has a 16-megapixel rear camera.

Talking about the capabilities of the 64-megapixel sensor, SamMobile wrote that it will make use of Samsung’s “pixel-merging” Tetracell technology, which will allow for bright 16-megapixel shots in low-light conditions and far more detailed 64-megapixel photos in settings with better lighting. The former product is also expected to produce “richer hues” thanks to its support for real-time high dynamic range (HDR) of a maximum 100 decibels, a figure far greater than the 60-decibel range of “conventional” image sensors.

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