‘General Hospital’ Fans React To News Of Rebecca Budig’s Return As Hayden Barnes

Jemal CountessGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers have just revealed that actress Rebecca Budig is returning to the show as Hayden Barnes this summer, and fans are thrilled. There are few details revealed about her return storyline at this point, but that doesn’t mean that viewers aren’t sharing their enthusiasm — and speculating about the possibilities.

As The Inquisitr revealed, Budig is officially returning to General Hospital at some point this summer. This is a big development, and is surely designed to wreak havoc for Finn and Anna as their romance becomes increasingly serious.

Not long ago, Finn asked Elizabeth about Hayden, and The Inquisitr noted that this kicked off a new round of speculation about whether Rebecca might reprise the role. Of all of the cast departures over the past couple of years, Budig’s was one of the ones that generated the most angst among General Hospital fans.

Viewers had been furious to see both Genie Francis and Budig written out of the General Hospital action, and people were quite vocal about wanting both ladies to return. Francis was brought back some time ago, and now Budig’s on her way back, too.

General Hospital fans have flocked to Twitter to share their excitement over this news. Some noted that they had just seen Budig at a charity event last weekend, and she didn’t let on to any of them that this was in the works.

One fan on Twitter suggested pairing Hayden with Jax, rather than trying to reunite her with Finn — and it looks like there are more than a few fans who could get behind that idea.

“I’m pro all about Hayden and Finn, but I could get behind her and Jax,” one fan quipped.

“Good one. Jax needs a love interest and I adore Finn and Anna together,” a second follower remarked.

Of course, viewers anticipate that Hayden’s return — which will surely include her surprise baby — will shake things up between Finn and Anna. Some fans love Finn with Anna, while others think that reuniting him with Hayden would be a fantastic idea.

Another General Hospital fan on Twitter suggested putting Hayden with Drew, which is another intriguing idea, and would touch on how she was first brought on to the show several years ago. Almost all of the fan reaction to the news of Budig’s return was positive, and one fan tweeted that this would lead them to actually start watching again.

Another General Hospital fan said, via Twitter, “Finally a return I can get behind!”

At this point, it’s not known for certain whether this is a long-term return on Budig’s part. However, it looks like General Hospital fans want that to be the case, and the show risks a fresh round of outrage if Hayden is brought back for a short arc.

General Hospital spoilers have not yet pinpointed when Rebecca Budig will begin airing again as Hayden Barnes, other than that it will come this summer. It looks like this return has the overwhelming support of viewers, even without knowing the planned storyline. Hayden’s return will impact a number of Port Charles characters in pretty big ways.