WWE News: Longtime Couple Splits Up, No Longer Engaged To Be Married


When the WWE Superstar Shake-Up happened back in April, it seems as if the company was very careful in trying to keep real-life couples together. The Inquisitr reported how some of the moves affected those couples and even after the fact, more moves were made to keep them together. One couple was not kept together, though, and split up onto separate brands. Now, the reason for that has been revealed as they’ve been broken up for months.

When the moves of the Superstar Shake-Up were made, some of them were kind of questionable. At first, Charlotte Flair and Andrade were split onto separate brands, but he was eventually moved back over to SmackDown Live, which kept them together after all was said and done.

The only known real-life couple who didn’t end up being on the same brand was that of Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy. Bliss remained on Monday Night Raw after the Shake-Up while Murphy was moved from 205 Live over to SmackDown Live.

It was kind of strange to see WWE keep all the other couples together but split this one up and have them on different shows. Now, it has been revealed that their relationship may not have been a factor in determining where they went as Bliss and Murphy are no longer engaged to be married.

Rumors have been flying around for a while but now, there is confirmation.

Not only have the two parted ways and ended their engagement, but they actually broke up back in the fall of 2018. This makes a bit of sense for those who follow Alexa Bliss on Instagram as she often posted pics of them together and there has been nothing for a while.

When Buddy Murphy ended up being moved to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shake-Up, Bliss went on Twitter and congratulated him. It’s obvious that they don’t hate one another after the breakup and as Ryan Satin wrote, she still thinks a lot about him as a person and superstar.

The couple was engaged in December of 2015 after Murphy proposed, and their relationship was even shown on Total Divas a number of times. There were even some episodes where they openly discussed getting married and how they would plan their wedding with busy work schedules.

Real-life couples have often made it known that it isn’t easy to stay together, plan weddings, or even have a life together when working for WWE. It appears as if the company does try to work with them due to the brand extension, and that’s a good thing. In the case of Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss, though, it was simply a matter of their relationship no longer being right for either of them.